Friday, August 12, 2011


Cast: Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yeoh, Chris Evans, Rose Byrne, Cliff Curtis, Troy Garity, Benedict Wong, Mark Strong

Directed by: Danny Boyle
Written By: Alex Garland
Produced By: Andrew McDonald
Cinematography By: Alwin Kuchler
Editor: Chris Gill

50 years into the future, the Sun begins to die, and Earth is dying as a result. A team of astronauts are sent to revive the Sun - but the mission fails. Seven years later, a new team are sent to finish the mission as they are Earth's last hope.

Writer Alex Garland Considered this film his scientific answer to what if atheist were to meet god.

i am not the biggest fan of sci-fi so i came to this film strictly by word of mouth and god bless for that. This is trult a film to discover and experience.

This film more then ever shows that danny boyle is truly a master filmmaker. I mean look at his resume Shallow Grave, Trainspotting, The Beach, Millions, 28 Days Later. This is another classic to add to the list. this is everything a sci-fi film should be smart unconventional filled with actual ideas and situations that all have moral meaning behind them instead of a spaceship encounters a alien that slowly hunts them down. the sound and visulas are so excellent and rich.

This is defiantely a film that if you have blu-ray or high definition dvd it is the perfect film to fully utilize your system i only wish i had seen it in all of it's glory on the big screen.

The cast are all excellent even chris evans who i was never impressed by before but here like paul walker in running scared he shows he actually has depth and talent. cillian murphy who aprat from being a beautiful man proves he can do no wrong. this is a compassionate film that asks you to think and feel instead of stare and be scared.

I Can't Really say enough good things about this movie. it is truly a must see. It's like "2001: A Space odessey" but with a more convetional storyline, but at the same time it's not like that film either it's just in the same category. Either way it would be a good double feature to watch. It's that brilliant. A mind blower. It still is a spiritual story and can find any kind of philosophy you want in it.

The only depressing part of this film is that it had virtually no marketing when it came out. when it was released there were maybe like 4 theaters in new york playing it no previews, no commercials. just newspaper ads. and it's a shame this film deserved better respect and more management i mean the studio spent like 30 million on the film. doesn't it want to at least insure that investment with advertising it more. It has a international cast including 2 actors who were in high grossing popular films (Batman Begins, Fantasic Four 1 & 2) which i'm sure insured it would do well overseas. you have a director who made a high grossing horror film (28 days later) but they just dumped it. it's a shame

If you haven't seen it yet, go out right now and get your hands on a copy. i can't recommend it highly enough.

Truly a lost classic of science fiction. A mmust add to the film library.


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  1. This was the first video I bought based on a recommendation from this blog. I liked it quite a bit but wouldn't give it an A+ rating. More like a low A-. The surprise came too late in the film to be acceptable for me and this threw out of whack the premise of the first part of the film. Was it a split decision or was it destiny to change orbit? Unfortunately, at the conclusion neither of the above questions can be reconciled with what happens or what was supposed to be. I appreciate learning about this one and felt like it was a good purchase. Even if it wasn't 2001!