Friday, August 5, 2011


Written, Edited & Directed By: Andre Joseph
Cinematography By: Woodly Aurelus

Cast: Andre Joseph, Tasha Perri, Shelby Reitman Reneee, Anthony Mangano, Aesha Waks

New York-based jewel thief, Lando, leads a fast life: Fast cars, fast women, and a fast-track to no-where in life. When his confidant, Ike, tells him about a Gold Coronation Egg that needs to be lifted from the ruthless Russian mobster, Koskov. Lando is skeptical but accepts. Spotted during his attempted heist, Lando goes back to Staten Island where he grew up to hide and relocate his high school sweetheart, Diana. Despite Diana's unwillingness to reconnect with him due to the feeling that she'll disrupt the loving relationship with her daughter, Sandy, Lando struggles to re-kindle the past with his old flame while the Russian mob breathes down his neck. What will become of Lando and Diana, and what will Koskov do to Lando for stealing from him?

This is a whimsical little indie film made for $10,000. It's like the little engine that could while most filmmakers want to tell emotional wrenching stories. Director Andre Joseph decided to make a cool snappy romantic comedy. Thathas it's foot equally in screwball comedy as it does in a comic heist film. Though it's low budget hampers extravagence. It is nicely shot, entertaining, funny and breezy.

Mention must be made of Tasha Perri and Shelby Reitman Renee who plays her daughter. Thier performances were phenomenal. Some of the other actors not up to their level. But i won't mention who they are personally most of the cast is good enough to forget them.

This is a inspiring film to show what passion and having drive can get you. Sort of a nod to 80's televison shows like MOONLIGHTING and REMINGTON STEELE. It's calm and cool.

This is a mostly african american feature that even though it deals with criminals. Only one person is one and it's nice to see a film by a young african-american filmmaker that is not depressing. Doesn't deal with gangs or people dying or hood politics or tons of booty shaking shots and is one of the few african-american films where race isn't all that important, But isn't degrading to anyone especially it's own community. I ideally await Andre Joseph's next feature.

Again truth be told i know the filmmaker in question and urge you to see the film itis truly worth watching. I will not be giving it a grade

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