Friday, August 5, 2011

...AROUND (2008)

Written, Edited & Directed By: David Spaltro
Cinematography by: David A. Barkan

Cast: Robert W. Evans, Molly Ryman, Ron Brice, Marcel Torres

Doyle Simms grows up across the Hudson from NYC and flees his toxic family to attend a film program there. After a bumpy first year he returns more determined than ever to become a storyteller and figure out his place. Financial setbacks force Doyle to find creative "rent-controlled living" and begin a dual life living out of Penn Station while going to school. We follow Doyle over his college years as he begins to build relationships with several colorful characters such as Saul, a homeless book dealer who shows him the ropes and his own brand of street philosophy, and Allyson, a beautiful, struggling actress he carefully begins to pursue and fall for. Doyle begins to find a weird balance and begin to build a home, but the pressure of maintaining his worlds begins to crack the fa├žade and he's forced to confront his past family demons and reconcile the person he wants to be with the person he is.

Everything a true independent is supposed to be originality of vision for a film shot on a low budget. It looks great, The visuals are amazing. If Writer-Director David Spaltro got this on a low budget. Imagien what he can do with a grand budget.

Sure you think you have seen similar characters and situations, but what starts off as a almost typical. Gets turned on it's ear a witty smart ass kid is thrown to the wolves of new york. He turns into a tortured character with many depths who while bad luck follows him. He finds a way to survive.

Even the love story which normally would take over the narrative is entertaining, but just one more hurdle to manage and the film doesn't end in the storybook traditional way. Which i admire as it feels more realistic.

Now i will admit those used to mainstream films are going to find the third act frustrating and off putting.

The film is not without it's problems, But they are problems you would expect with any first time filmmaker. With a low budget, No star or studio backing. Yuo also have to see that the film suceeds more then it fails. Where as like the lead character the film has so much stacked against it. That experiencing it is a victory and an achievement.

The film isn't for everyone, But certainly shows the start of a true talent. Who choose his chance to tell a story that he had to tell and went bankrupt to tell it. IT is a personal one and a love letter of sorts to new york. He took his chance just to put it out there and doesn't disappoint. Whcih i could easily point out. Though i am going to censor myself. This isn't a case of a studio putting out a film by commitee or actors trying to show range and get awards.

This is personal, deep, passionate filmmaking a piece of art that might be imperfect but thatis exactly what makes it special. That someone decided to share with the world at all costs and i'm not going to be petty with it.

Now in al honest yi must tell yuo iam bias as i know the filmmaker personally he is a close friend so i am going to hold oof on giving a grade. i just hope you all enjoy the film it is worth seeing.

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