Thursday, August 11, 2011

MEET DAVE (2008)

Directed By: Brian Robbins
Written By: Ron Greenberg & Bill Corbett
Cinematography By: Clark Mathis
Editor: Ned Bastille

CAST: Eddie Murphy, Gabrielle Union, Ed Helms, Elizabeth Banks, Scott Caan, Kevin Hart, Mike O'Malley, Pat Kilbane, Judah Friedlander, Marc Blucas, Migeul A Nunez Jr.

This might be the best of director Brian Robbins - Eddie Murphy collaborations, But you can tell by my grade about how good i think the film is. There is a spark of hope for this one. It has good ideas and a high concept plot that should have made the film excel especially considering who is starring in the film. It even has a good cast.

It doesn't work is because while it is aimed at kids who should love it. The concept (which would have worked even as a adult film). The Stupid jokes, The Broadness, and silliness. It even has a theme about friendship, So while i didn't like it. I believe kids should love it. I truly feel that this was the filmmakers aim this time. Instead of the previous films they made which seemed like kids films made for adult audiences.

This film which seemns like a 80's nostalgic type comedy. Made with modern technology for todays generation. This film is so predictable that it plays best for an audience who hasn't seen it before, children.

The story of miniature aliens who inhabit a ship that looks looks like a human man. Who also resembles the captain of the ship. Each of the crew members make up this one human. Who is constantly being abused. Throughout the film he strikes up a friendship with a boy and his mother. The boy is constantly picked on and lonely. He has a hot single mother who obviously need s help herself. While helping them each out the captain finds love and the crew learns about themselves and learn to lighten up. Not play by the rules all the time.

In the third act there is a mutiny and two police officers on Dave's tail. That seems to be there to add some suspense. though it is very little.

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  1. Are you looking forward to Tower Heist, and a possibly good Murphy role again, as much as I am?