Monday, August 29, 2011


Directed By: Fran Rubel Kuzui
Written By: Joss Whedon
Cinematography By: James Hayman
Editor: Jill Savitt & Camilla Toniolo

Cast: Kristy Swanson, Luke Perry, Rugter Hauer, Paul Ruebens, Donald Sutherland, Hillary Swank, Natasha Gregson Wagner, David Arquette, Stephen Root, Andrew Lowery, Thomas Jane, Ben Affleck, Candy Clark, Mark DeCarlo, Alexis Arquette, Ricki Lake

Now i am a big fan of the series, but before that there was this film that i actually went to see in the theaters. Now i'm not going to lie when i first saw this film advertised i went for only two reason the campiness factor and i thought Kristy Swanson was hot at the time. It was Pg-13 and i was 15 at the time. It was only me and two other people in the theater and i feel the same about the film now that i did then. it's ok.

Now being a huge fan of the show i know the history of the film. Which was heavily rewritten to make the tone lighter. infact you can read the origina script or story at least in the Buffy Graphic novel. THE ORIGIN. in fact the series is more or less based on a continuation of the graphic novel more then the movie. The problem with the film is that it is too campy and goofy to ever be taken seriously. It's definately not horror as it is not scary at all and there is no violence or suspense in fact other then a few curveballs it is pretty predictable. You have some fun getting there but not too much.

When the series came out i had my reservations but figured it would maybe correct the problems i had with the film i could never had dreamed how much it did. As it eventually became one of my all time favorite tv series. It didn't affect my view of the original movie except to think like i did when i first saw it. That it blew an oppurtunty to make something really fun and original to make a middling film.

Watching it now it is dated. It's thetype of film that's fun to watch late at night as it is so ridiculous and bad at certain times that you have no choice but too laugh. the problem i believe is the direction. it's not very good, it's cheap looking there is no stellar acting. The direction looks more in tune with a television sitcom then a film.

It;s interesting thsat the film has a cast of future notable actors in bit roles. While having quite a name cast at the time. The film is purely nmade on various moments of the film that are entertaining and fun then as a whole. Paul ruebens is fun in his role as the vampire henchmen of the main ghoul and his improvised death scene is hilarious. Rugter hauer as the main vampire is fun to watch as he preens like a former heartthrob gotten older but still on the prowl.

Joss Whedon still kept his name on the script though after seeing the movie being filmed one day. He was so upset he walked off the set never too return. Maybe that is why he is so hands on with his material now.

In the end the film is fun, yet clumsy with it's material. If it had been darker it would have been noteworthy. the lightness in tone doesn't exactly match the material and makes this mnore of a cult mnovie simply for what doesn't work then what does.

If it hadn't have been made into a television series. This is the type of film i would have suggested for a remake. To make what was a disaster salvagable with a small audience already.

Wait for Cable.


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