Thursday, February 24, 2011

RED (2010)

Directed By: Robert Schwentke
Written By: Eric Hoeber & Jon Hoeber
Based on the Graphic novel By: Warren Ellis & Cully Hammer
Cinematography By: Florian Ballhaus
Editor: Thom Noble

Cast: Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Karl Urban, Mary Louise Parker, James Remar, Rebecca Pidgeon, Ernest Borgnine, Brian Cox, Richard Dreyfus, Julian McMahon,

I remember when I first heard about this film I thought it was going to be a action film with a fun premise. More along the lines of THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT. This film has action but seems to be more interested in the comedy angle it possesses.

This film is a strange animal for such a film based on a graphic novel it feels like a rushed film. There doesn’t seem to be any time taken on setting up characters, plot and situations it just seems like thoughts and decisions made on the fly then filmed. This film should be better and be a lot more enjoyable then it is. This film should be fun, but it feels like there is a strange tone going on throughout this film. It’s a action-comedy that has ok action sequences that are loud yet not very energetic or thought out The comedy seems off case or like the film thinks it’s own jokes are funny no matter that the audience will probably disagree. Don’t get me wrong it’s cute in many ways but eventually gets to be tedious and ridiculous. The only ray of sunshine is John Malkovich who is hilarious and energetic which is ironic considering among the cast he is also the actor with one of the most respected acting histories.

Helen Mirren plays her role like she is channeling Martha Stewart but at lkeast you can tell she's having fun.

Bruce Willis continues his streak of likeable action heroes yet in this film he continues as in recent films like his decision was made more because of paycheck then actual characters and story this is his second movie based on a graphic novel, Yet he really gives no energy into his role. He goes through the motions with as little expression and energy as he decides to muster, but he is still a likeable actor. He is like Clint Eastwood he has a stoic stone-faced charm full of deadpan while keeping his voice at a certain level. Except that Mr. Willis has a tendency to make goofy faces. Though his wisecracking seems a little more mean and scary these days then playful as it was when he was younger.

The second half of the film makes it come a little bit alive with it’s back to basics action set-up. Though it feels like too little too late at that point. I wish the film had a little more color, been a little more fun so it cold have been infectious to the audience also. Here it feels like everyone is on autopilot and in it only for the paychecks.

I think the film suffers from the direction of Robert Schwentke who has still failed to make a satisfactory film that impresses me at least. His films seem all about visuals that are supposed to impress yet come off as bland and standard. Most of the performances are passable more as sitcom characters. That may be due to the fact that there isn’t any real three dimensional characters for them to play only ideas of people to play more.

Strangely the film feels somber after awhile i don't thin it was intentional. making you realize how sad these people lives untimately end up, sure they have plenty of stories to tell and skills most wish for but at the end of their lives most of the people they love and care about are gone and they only have each other though most of them don't trust one another.

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