Friday, February 25, 2011


Directed By: Sidney Lumet
Written By: Eugene O'Neil
Cinematography By: Boris Kaufman
Editor: Ralph Rosenblum

CAST: Katherine Hepburn, Ralph Richardson, Dean Stockwell, Jason Robarbs

A very well written and respected work marvelously directed by Sidney Lumet who tries to open up with the film for more locations to bring it out from it’s stage origins so as to not be so stuffy.

The scenes run long and uninterrupted with a lot of verbal wordplay usually done by Kaherine Hepburn though each actor get’s there time to shine in this film and all are good the play seems to be more of a actor’s delight then a audiences.

It’s nice to see such deep and rich characters but watching as they slowly breakdown over a day and verbalize every idea and thought they have while giving you the personal and family history can at times be a bit much and with a long running time you feel every second and minute as you watch. Which at many times left me very bored. It’s a good film and very well done. Yet I just couldn’t really connect with the film at all.

I’ve never been a big Katherine Hepburn fan but here you can see her full range and talent on display. You can see why she was a film icon. It’s strange to see Jason Robarbs Jr. and Dean Stockwell young considering I was introduced to them in cinema when they were both considerably older Robarbs in PARENTHOOD as the grandfather and Dean Stockwell in QUANTAM LEAP.
The really powerful scene to me was at the end of the film. The crane shot, the way it is used is noteworthy and memorable not just because the film was ending though that brought me joy also.

I would say see this film just for the experience of seeing a acting masterclass and the beauty of Eugene o’neil’s dialogue. Be warned though this is more for the fan of theater and highbrow films.


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