Friday, February 25, 2011


Written & Directed By: Ice Cube
Cinematography By: Malik Hassan Sayeed
Editor: Suzanne Hines

CAST: Lisa Raye, Bernie Mac, Chrystale Wilson, Adele Givens, A.J. Johnson, Michael Clarke Duncan, Monica Calhoun, Master P, Ice Cube, Jamie Foxx, Big Boy, Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Terrence Howard, John Amos, Faizon Love, Luther Campbell, Charlie Murphy, Dick Anthony Williams,

A new generation type exploitation film that strives to make a point and be different while distracting you with genre elements and characters.

The film tries to be truthful and show you supposedly the real deal of what strippers go through as we follow one characters introduction and evolution at a strip club and the characters she meets and their schemes. It seems like a lot of the comedians in smaller roles Were given carte blanche with there characters and seem to make dialogue up on the spot.

This is Ice Cube’s directorial debut and he’s not bad he sets a certain mood and tone that sometimes gets away from him but he eventually brings it back on course.

Half the scenes seem to veer wildly from comedy to tragedy to drama to action but with no real tranjections. It just seems to happen to liven up the scene. Not to say it doesn’t entertain but it trivializes the main story more and more until it turns outrageous.

The Shocking but admirable thing is that for a film set in a strip club there isn’t too much sex or nudity in the film which may disappoint some.

This isn’t a complaint but more of a observation. How come so many of these films where you wait for the lead female to finally take her clothes off or show her stripping skills the results are often disappointing as the routine is improperly lit and the dance takes on a interpretative meaningful form of expression instead of a strip. This happened in STRIPTEASE also. I understand you want to set her apart from the other girls but come on she’s the lead. She’s already gets more screen time then them. This seems to be a problem in this movie and SHOWGIRLS. So that the dance is barely erotic and makes you wonder why they are working in the strip club in the first place. Why not a gentleman’s club you’d figure they’d fail their auditions or get such low tips they’d quit. Plus usually one of the factors for your interest is to see the lead female nude. Which seems to be rare and usually one scene and obscured.

Jamie Foxx co-stars in this movie and though him and Ice Cube don’t share any scenes. I always felt that since he lost Chris Tucker instead of teaming up with Mike Epps (Who I never found Funny) in future buddy comedies. He should have hooked up with Jamie foxx those films would have been classic and gotten more popular. Especailly after Jamie Foxx’s oscar win.

I admire the film for wanting to tell a woman’s story of how she becomes independent and stand up for herself, But that story seems to get lost in all that surrounds it.

A Good Rental, A guilty Pleasure



  1. Need a bit of advice here.. I met a girl who works part-time as a dancer at a strip club and I think she's not only gorgeous, but funny and you think it's possible to have a relationship with a hot stripper, or should I get my head examined?

  2. I think you should get to know her first and try tio get her another lkine of employment, her job will eat at your confidence in the relationship. That is only my opinion though.

  3. Does kind of make me wonder why Jamie Foxx hasn't done much more comedy on film. He wins an Oscar, then suddenly he's just a serious actor for Michael Mann. Or is it simply that good comedic scripts are harder to come by?