Friday, February 25, 2011


Directed By: Mel Daminski
Written By: John Posey
Cinematography By: Kenneth Zunder
Editor: Mitchel Stanley

Cast: Devon Graye, Courtney J. Clark John Cena, Danny Glover, Patricia Clarkson

I was not expecting much considering it is made by WWE films. I thought it would be a by the numbers overwrought coming of age story with a particular interest played on wrestling. To tell you the truth that is what you get. But it is also pretty entertaining and not dumbed down. Of course you know what is going to happen in almost each scene but you don’t mind the time spent getting to those points.

The story is of a young slightly intellectual young man who wants to take up wrestling to follow in his older brother and father’s footsteps. His older brother is estranged from the family and he seeks to regain a relationship with him through coaching.

I can see why the celebrated actors choose to be in this film. It’s the rare film that actually has a more positive message then a downtrodden one. I guess it is what is usually considered Christian entertainment as it mostly keeps to those values while completely telling it’s story.

There isn’t much to say about this film. It doesn’t strive for greatness. It knows it’s nowhere near that. It is a good film for the whole family that could have easily been a Great TV-Movie though it is rare that they make those anymore. Because time and again I find that there are more and more films such as this being released into theaters. When really they shouldn’t be categorized as such. It’s a diservice to the films themselves holding them up to such higher standards that they don’t reach and leaving them to be tor apart by critics. Though there are some success stories (THE BLIND SIDE) there then is a bomb (CONVICTION). These films stay simple and pretty much go by the rules of filmmaking and story development leaving little pizzaz and usually having the same formula but expecting a different taste. Soon it all seems bland and you can’t differentiate one from the other. But I digress.

I have to hand it to WWE with this film they actually tried to make a quality film. Whcih makes sense since the film revolves around wrestling as a subject and theme. Letting the more experienced actors do all of the heavy lifting and letting John Cena more play a supporting role. Though most of the film revolves around his character

A good rental and if you have a family not a bad addition to the collection. when it is in the bargain bin though.


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