Thursday, February 17, 2011


Cast: Audrey Tatou, Gad Elmaleh, Marie-Christine Adam

Directed By: Pierre Salvadori
Written By: Benoit Graffin & Pierre Salvadori
Cinematography By: Gilles Henry
Edited By: Isabelle Devinck

Well I’m glad someone has finally done it they have finally brung out the sex appeal of Audrey Tatou who I like to think of as the French Sandra bullock sure in other films she has always been cute and likeable like the girl next door or your sister’s cute friend but in this film her sexiness is on display not in a extremely explicit way but in vivacious stylish way anytime she wears a tight evening dress I was in full drool mode.

This is a french Film with subtitles not that it changes anything just a warning for those of you out there that don't like to read subtitles out there which i have to wonder what is wrong with you. after a few minutes you hardly een realize you are reading. you get to into the film.

This dark romantic comedy is also a pleasure to watch not only for her but the story follows the conventional rules of a typical romantic comedy but each time you think you have it figured out it changes the rules. Sure the film has a vicious cruel streak at times but by the end you realize there are no victims in the film.

The story is Gad Elmaleh plays a hotel worker who is mistaken for being a rich hotel resident by a gold digger who promptly seduce each other and he tries to keep up the ruse as he has fallen for her and believes the things she says she feels for him are true and you think the rest of the movie will be him in tons of situations where he has to keep the ruse going but then he is caught she runs and he follows her and she punishes him by not only emptying his bank account but then leaving him for another man until fate delivers him a savior and soon she has to teach him how to seduce and grift but finds herself falling for him and getting jealous that is all I will say

The thing I like about this film is the middle section as they seem to take great joy in punishing each other and being adversaries to see who can get more in the shortest amount of time you can also see them falling for each other and a passion building that tells all but she keeps avoiding it.

Let’s face it there are not to many surprises you know how it’s going to end but it’s a nice journey. It’s bittersweet and each time the two main characters get together In a scene she seems to be cruel just to get him to leave her alone but like a wounded puppy he rises to each challenge so that soon it’s just a challenge.

Pierre Salvadori previously directed the lighthearted comedy "Apres Vous" he brings a similar deft hand to this film which plays like a 1930’s screwball comedy. Which I admire.

Gad Elmaleh is a interesting actor more of a comedic actor by trade and stand-up comedian in france this is almost like a continuation from the film “The Valet” only if he lost everything he gained from that film and was still working at the hotel. He has this icy glare that unnerves you like he could play a killer but yet he looks nerdy and vaguely handsome it’s the piercing eyes that do it. He is a easily recognizable actor and very talented I would just like to see him in a different role then the nice guy who is pure and taken advantage of but ends up on top all the time.


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