Friday, January 7, 2011

WORST/DISAPPOINTING movies of the year

These were the ones i remember in particular as i tried to avoid any that didn't look interesting or just Really seemed to have bad buzz.

1. Bitch Slap
2. Run! Bitch! Run!
3. As Good As Dead
4. A Nightmare On Elm Street (Remake)
5. I Am Love
6. Cemetary Junction
7. Grown-Ups
8. Gigantic
9. The Losers
10. The Wolfman
11. The A-Team
12. Iron Man 2
13. The Extra Man
14. The Killer Inside me
15. I’m Still Here
16. Greenberg

1 comment:

  1. I avoided all of these but The Losers, which was pretty good until the credits finished. After that, it was relatively diverting and decently made, but I got bored in the middle and don't remember it beyond the fact that I saw it.

    I regret not seeing Greenberg though, and I'm Still Here, mostly as a curiosity.