Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Directed By: Mars Callahan
Written By: Mars Callahan & Chris Gorso
Cinematography By: Robert Morris
Editor: James E. Tooley

Cast: Mars Callahan, Michael Rosenbaum, Rod Steiger, Christopher Walken, Chazz Palmenteri, Glenn Plummer, Rick Schroeder, Alison Eastwood, Anson Mount, Peter Dobson

This film was obviously a case of if you can’t get acting roles or at least the ones you want. Write your own material and that is what writer-director-star George “Mars” Martin did with this film derivative of THE HUSTLER and THE COLOR OF MONEY. He is a skilled pool player in life and used his experience to write a script. He plays the lead who is just the coolest character around. Knows all the corners to play in cons. Is talented, has a hot successful girlfriend. He has enough smarts and skills that he could be successful in any other field. But he enjoys the hustle plus has a troubled brother who looks up to him.

The film has the feel of a entourage episode but with bigger stakes and less money to throw around. While the script and story are not that impressive what is impressive is the fact that he got such a talented famous big name cast with such a limited budget of course the big stars steal every scene they are in. Chazz Palmenteri plays a victim who becomes the films main villain and I for one could actually see why his character wants revenge so bad. The played him for no real reason and didn’t feel bad for one second about it. other then Chazz, Rod Steiger and Christopher Walken the other actor who impresses and walks away with the movie is Michael Rosenbaum as the leads younger brother. This is Rod Steiger’s last film.

The film is pretty cut and dry. It’s like a power pack at first it feels exciting but after the film is over. You start to pick it apart with it’s Failed logic and pretty soon after you watch it, you quickly forget about it.

The cast is really what pushes this movie to a respectable grade if not for them this would have been another straight to DVD. Top of the 99 cent pile heap, As it is this is a unassuming enjoyable rental.


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