Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Directed By: Neil Jordan
Written By: Bruce A. Taylor, Roderick Taylor & Cynthia Mort
Story by: Bruce A. Taylor & Roderick Taylor
Cinematography By: Philippe Rousselot
Editor: Tony Lawson

Cast: Jodie Foster, Terrence Howard, Nicky Katt, Naveen Andrews, Jane Adams, Mary Steenburgen, Zoe Kravitz

Another Addition to the victim becomes a vigilante while seeking revenge genre of movies. Which gives this project a whole been there done that theme. While the film desperately tries to show some originality, It ends up feeling like a crowd pleasing yet stale film. It’s like a deeper DEATH WISH with a female protagonist.

This film is a obvious for hire job Taken by the great director Neil Jordan who tries to make the film look like it was directed by David Fincher. For all the big names involved the film should be a lot better.

The whole could be romance between Jodie Foster and Straight Arrow Detective Terrence Howard stays on pause at flirting where as it would have taken her and the film down some interesting roads if they became involved sexually or romantically maybe the sex could have been violent per her request to show how physially she is still shattered and feels the need to be in control to feel safe after being a defenseless victim but alas they didn’t choose to take the story or it’s elements.

Everyone plays there role convincingly but for me the film missed something. It’s seedy underbelly is well represented and it’s similarity in a sense to TAXI DRIVER and it’s plot and scenes. It feels like a disguised remake of TAXI DRIVER with less psychological depth and more action, Also not as good without a real impact. Which would explain while it feels out of time. It feels like a 80’s or 90’s type film that has made concessions to be modern as of 2008.

It also tries to be liberal as she is white and the film has a black detective and she has a middle eastern fiancé and a asian illegal gun dealer. Of course most of the criminals are minority except for two. The film also introduces a end main villain that has nothing to do with her or her case but since the detective has been trying to get him. She becomes obsessed with taking him down and the film begins to treat him like The kingpin From all the daredevil comic books. Like any crime that happens in the city is linked to him somehow. Which would work again in a fantasy film but as this film strives to be realistic That plot contrivance just comes out of nowhere.
A satisfying Rental


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