Saturday, January 1, 2011


Directed By: Mark Rydell
Written By: Darryl Poniscan
Cinematography By: Vilmos Zsigmond
Editor: Patrick Kennedy

Cast: James Caan, Marsha Mason, Eli Wallach, Burt Young, Bruno Kirby, Dabney Coleman, David Proval

This is one of those movies that is so unorthadox that it works in it’s own way instead of being whimsical it is more realistic though it is dark it has a certain charm that helps it win you over. It’s also a rare chance for James Cann to play a romantic lead albeit on his own terms.

Marsha Mason’s character is so despicable and unlikeable only a guy who has seen it all or really nice would fall for her because she doesn’t make it easy. she seems to excel at playing these characters you dislike that somehow win the lead and the audience over by the end. She definitely does not have a heart of gold.

Though what the movie has going for it is the unlikely love story. As strange as it is she represents normalcy for a sailor it also helps that he likes her son who is African American and she is not. He meets the son after stealing his wallet. After sleeping with her. It is more through him seeking to bond with her son that opens his eyes to romance with her. Even though she is a very selfish hooker. Now see how unorthadox it is just by me describing it.

I like the film as much of the humor and dramatic moments comes from the defining characters and not set pieces or word plays. The film has a who’s who of recognizable actors. The film has a style that is missing in films today. It presents a realistic situation, but then puts it’s characters through Not cute quirky situations. That elevates the film. The performances are on point. It’s not a great film but a good one. It has odd rhytems like a jazz score that by the end all seem in synch.

A worthy addition to the library.


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