Saturday, January 1, 2011


Directed By: Stan Winston
Written By: Mark Patrick Carducci & Gary Gerani
Story By: Stan Winston, Richard Weiman & Mark Patrick Carducci
Based On A Poem By: Ed Justin
Cinematography By: Bojan Bazelli
Editor: Marcus Manton

Cast: Lance Henriksen, Jeff East, George Flower, Kimberly Ross, Mayam Balik, Devon Odessa

A film with a title like this. A name you would call your sibling as a insult. You would think would live up it’s name like a big Jack o’lantern monster but sadly it does not. Even more sadly is that this misfire was directed by the late legendary special effects master Stan Winston. One of only less then a handful of films he directed. Shockingly watching this the thing you notice is how low budget and grainy the film looks which can sometimes enhance a film here, it is distracting and hard to make out.

This story of a farmer who’s son is accidently killed by a bunch of teens. He then goes to a local witch to get revenge on them by raising a monster to dispatch them while the price for raising the monster causes him to physically deteriorate into what looks lie a demon himself, but once he sees the destruction it is causing he tries to stop it, But it’s too late.

The film is downright boring at times. I’m not saying a horror film has to have constant action and violence but even when it doesn’t have those things it should be scary with a sense of doom or at least keep you interested which does not happen here. I understand maybe Stan Winston as a effects master wanted to show he was more then that by having the effects and monster come later after a build up and full storytelling.

The only thing making this film watchable is the performance of Lance Henriksen in the lead. He is a scary looking actor but so gifted and this is one of his first leading roles. He makes his character believable and you truly feel his grief throughout the film. He gets to show off his talents if only the rest of the film was as good as his performance. It would have been nice if the film supported him or at least rose to his level. Then tis would have been a viewing pleasure. As it stands it seems his performance is all for nothing because he is outstanding in a piece of crap. Which is like being a A student in special-ed. Which may bring you up to being just average. It definitely helps the film but still leaves it barely watchable.



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