Thursday, February 9, 2017

NUIT #1 (2011)

Written & Directed By: Anne Emond 
Cinematography: Mathieu Laverdiere 
Editor: Mathieu Bouchard-Malo 

Cast: Catherine De Lean, Dimitri Storoge 

It starts as a one night stand that evolves in a long discussion with infinite subjects between a québécoise and an immigrant.

This is one of those films where I saw a trailer for the film when watching another film and tried to keep my eye out for it. Though it seemed to take forever for me to catch up to it. As finally I saw that it was available to watch on Netflix. I jumped at the chance. As over the years I remembered the name but kind of forgot about it.

I remember the trailer being so vibrant and full of energy and sexy. This film Maintains the energy and the promise glimpsed. At least for the first fifteen minutes. Then it becomes a kind of morning after melodrama of getting to know one another. Which could have been interesting if it didn't come off as pretentious to a degree.

As the film comes off more as a risqué thesis film from a film student, rather then a theatrical feature. As it reeks of a first time filmmaker who seems more interested in their own interests rather than necessarily entertaining an audience. Maybe trying to impress the audience with a certain amount of depth or honking themselves experimental. Using the lure of sex and energy. Then exposing the audience to the subject of intimacy and relationships. As it seems to focus on ideas and depression.

As the dialogue comes off as too poetic at first. Like every sentence is supposed to have a meaning.

It might have worked stronger if lowly he first half we are kept on our toes. As they are strangers and getting to know one another. You never know what is going to happen or what lurks around the next corner. So that it has a thriller vibe. So that the film could have easily become a horror film. Though that only lasts through the first half of the film.

The film becomes too serious, too quickly, but then again it leads to so Many questions that depend on the individual more Than to the audience. As the characters come off as more and more desperate yet argumentative.

Though the film does cover the awkwardness of being and meeting someone new intimately for the first time. That even the audience will identify and feel with the characters.

The film seems to try to go the BEFORE SUNRISE route. Though here they are intimate and sexual first. Then talk and get to know one another, but asks us to feel a certain degree for the characters when they talk about their personal philosophy and art. Though it feels empty and forced. As it probably should but there still feels geared for the audience to care and make it seem deeper then it is it at least tries to be. As even though they have been together. They still seem to be trying to pick each other up, still not really getting to know each other. Though suffering. Each character seems to be what the film aims for but seems to want to add more angst then is needed. Maybe it's the French-Canadian setting. It can't quite reach the heights of it's motherland culture and mood.

There could have been an underlying message of the difficulty of making a real human connection in these modern times. Where it seems so easy to get together and meet up. Yet we still maintain a personal separation. Also how we are so willing to give up our body and share intimacies more physically, but emotionally and personally some of us keep the that separate as if they knew the real us that would be too intimate. Yet we will give away our bodies for fun and to feel good, but also to be desired to a degree.

The film seems to posit sometimes the only person you can be totally honest and open with is a stranger as there is no predisposition. So they are looking at you and your problems with fresh eyes. Not to mention you never necessarily have to see this person again.

The things we allow or show strangers. That even those closest to us will never know or experience. Though it is what Is supposed to help or be shared with a lifelong partner though it seems we are willing to give its way to strangers. Maybe as it can stay a secret it is with people not usually in one's crowd.

What is really sad about this film is that it seems to once again focus on a self destructive female. Rather than the male and his self loathing. Making her seem more like a victim of herself and self destructive circumstances. As most of the film seems to be a showcase of her breaking down. So it seems a character study in depression.

The ending doesn't help as it is vague, yet spiritual that seems to ask for meaning.

The film reeks of sex, intimacy, theory and despair

Grade: C

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