Friday, February 17, 2017


Berserker film

What this film breaks down to is a film that might already be weird but at a certain point bypasses any shrewd of sanity. It goes off the wall and defies logic but has a faithfulness in itself not to explain or over explain and soon you find either comfort or just go with it and look at it not as a cheap ploy but something of mad genius brilliance. See movies like BASKIN, EL TOPO, BEDEVILLED, COLD FISH, WHY DON’T YOU GO PLAY IN HELL, STRANGE CIRCUS, and ENTER THE VOID

Don't necessarily have to be off center from the beginning but earn their way there. So you just give up and go with it on the ride to see where it will have you end up. Though strangely you will have a smile on your face as you feel like you have gone through something that can't be described. More mentally and emotionally.They are almost like religious experiences as you feel possessed as you watch and feel like you are right there. Watching something so unmistakeably one of a kind. that shocks you but brings a smile to your face the whole has moments that have to be built up to.

Films that try but don't achieve the NEON DEMON as that film is more subtle and seems to want to challenge. Berserker movies usually come from. nowhere

THE ISLAND OF DR. MOUREAU for instance is a different type of berserker movie. Where it starts off odd so that any later moments of craziness aren’t transcendence like a berserker film would provide but expected and almost more of the same.

International cinema usually make these types of films. I believe as there is more room for imagination and standards there, but also in american cinema there re plenty of films like that, but it might be harder to get those films made with a decent budget. As investors want to do things that are groundbreaking but also want a product that will make money. Not necessarily be as challenging to an audience and be as audacious as american cinema was in the 70′s

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