Thursday, February 9, 2017

LOLO (2015)

Directed By: Julie Delpy 
Written By: Julie Delpy & Eugenie Grandval 
Cinematography: Thierry Arbogast 
Editor: Virginie Bruant 

Cast: Julie Delpy, Dany Boon, Vincent Lacoste, Karin Viard

Violette, a 40-year old workaholic with a career in the fashion industry falls for a provincial computer geek, Jean-Rene, while on a spa retreat with her best friend.

A more middle aged romantic comedy that is a light look at a relationship later In life. That isn't afraid to speak frankly and tackle some issues. Though here it seems to go more for slapstick or exaggerated circumstances.

Only here instead of being sabotaged by each other. They are sabotaged by her adult son. Who is not only unlikeable but so juvenile and his reasoning seems only here as a lot machination. As he seems more in arrested development or just plain old spoiled. This could have easily been a more contemporary realistic French sequel to the film PROBLEM CHILD.

Here the character played by Julie Delpy is neurotic and is interesting to have so many issues due to past relationships. So much she seems to be Akin to the roles Ms. Delpy plays usually In American productions. Or like Woody Allen she seems determined to cast herself and give off a certain nebbish personality from a female point of view.

She again gives a noticeable cameo for a celebrity playing themselves. That helps hinge on the plot.

Another look at her being nebbish and neurotic but at least here let's other characters shine and deal with their own issues as well as them and her dealing with hers.

Very sexually frank without being gratuitous, graphic or exploitive. Which makes it feel like a mature film.

The difference between class seems to play a big role in this film.

It seems to go for a more social comedy as much as it goes for more of a romantic one. Though at a certain point the film reaches an almost global dilemna that while funny seems a bit much. It strangely not out of place. Can’t say the film is entirely relateable. It does offer glimpses of more natural situations.

For all the machinations. It feels dull and flavorless at times. It feels like a grown up version of the film problem child only dealing with a mother rather than a father.

The material is rife with ideas but seems better done and entertaining. As well as understandable more with the film CYRUS. As the film like most of the characters come off more as pretentious.

The son's character played by Vincent Lacoste is hard to relate with as he is cruel, selfish, spiked and petty. Where through most of the film you wait and hope for his comeuppance.

Julie Delpy is appealing but her character never seems to suffer or deal with as much as Danny boon's. Who goes through the ringer including a larger spanning international incident.

She also pulls off the handle at even a suggestion of a problem at least in those films there was more motivation and reasoning. Here it is so minor and the. It is hard to base reasoning all on it.


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