Friday, February 17, 2017


Written & Directed By: Noel Clarke 
Cinematography By: Aaron Reid 
Editor: Tommy Boulding 

Cast: Noel Clarke, Ashley Thomas, Tonia Sotiropoulou, Olivia Chenery, David Ajala, Red Madrell, Cornell John, Shanika Warren-Markland, Alexander Oceng 

First, there was Kidulthood, then Adulthood, and now comes Noel Clarke's last instalment: Brotherhood. With Sam facing up to the new world, he realizes it also comes with new problems and new challenges that he must face that he knows, will require old friends to help him survive new dangers.

The third in so far a trilogy that started off so well. Now while each film had diminishing returns. They also had a vitality to them that kept them moving and exciting.

This movie while still following Sam the main character of the last film and a supporting character in the first film. This film feels odd, as the films continues to explore a new chapter in his life that some in the audience for can identify with as far as growing up. The plot threads here feel so far fetched it is hard to take them seriously.

As the film seems to continue a conspiracy laid down from the previous film. With gangsters still stalking and hunting him for crimes of the past. While he has set up a new life of convenience going straight so to speak. He still struggles and when this new obstacle comes into his life. He must overcome it by going back to his old ways.

The film continues to have some previous cast members still show up. Though at least one. Relationship seems ridiculous as in the last film. Red was still furious with him and not able to forgive him. In this film they sit around like old friends holding a secret.

His relationship front he previous film is explained away quickly. Yet now he is in a relationship with a woman who was his friends girlfriend in the last film.

The villains are extremely far-fetched for dangerous gangster either coming off as posh racist hipsters or thugs from central casting who don't seem that dangerous.

I mean there is a henchman called hugs. Which feels right out of a James Bond film considering his gimmick which is talked about more and explained more than actually shown. Which really would have made it more menacing or at least have him do his gimmick then Have others explain It also seems far-fetched that Sam's character doesn't see these dangers coming. I can understand him not hearing about his brother getting shot, but when some random modelesque woman picks him up in the streets for a rendezvous. He thinks nothing strange of it and is shocked later to find that she is on it. For someone so street smart that feels like a dumb move.

For all items seriousness comedic relief is handled by Alexaner Onceg playing Henry his friend throughout the film. Even if it gets him in more and more trouble with his wife. Whom he feels emasculated by already. The only other comedic relief is usually grim violence related.

The film does bother to explain why certain characters actions are done. Even though they feel guilty after. In the case of the bait it is down to be treated better. Getting a promotion of sorts, but slowly comes to realize how deep she is in and the reactions to the acts she helps participate in. Though will admit she is a femme fatale as you can't keep your eyes off of her and find yourself caring for her a bit too much. As her characters actions are deplorable.

There are some witty exchanges especially the young thugs. As one female member of the crew keeps getting on another for using insulting language towards women and gays. Also the scene that shows how old Sam is and disconnected from youth culture as they laugh at his attempts to use street slang.

It feels like a conspiracy thriller more than an evolving street smart character study.

Though the film is only of note for an unnecessary casualty that is deeply felt. That seems to just drive the action forward. It is a senseless death that causes great emotions.

Though the resolutions to his legal problems are more convenient for the films sake rather then being believable.

The film surprisingly has a positive and emotional ending. That could continue or not. If it doesn't it ended on an ok note. It just feels like there is little substance or surprise.

You are best of with the series watching the first two. I would only recommend the third of you are just a completist. Where you might find yourself very disappointed.

Grade: C-

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