Saturday, November 9, 2013


Written & Directed By: Terrence Davies 
Based On The Play By: Terence Rattigan 
Cinematography By: Florian Hoffmeister 
Editor: David Charap 

 Cast: Rachel Weisz, Tom Hiddleston, Simon Russell Beale, Barbara Jafford, Ann Mitchell, Karl Johnson

The wife of a British Judge is caught in a self-destructive love affair with a Royal Air Force pilot.

While this film is certainly layered and full of classy culture made in a throwback style to the classic romantic and tortured melodramatic films with stories on full display.

The score only Heightening the over dramatic scenes.

This is not the type of film I usually watch or enjoy. Not really a fan of period pieces or melodramatic romances that are too obvious. Infancy the only reason I watched this film is it was the number one movie on Director John Waters best films of 2012 list. It also made a few best of critics lists.

While the film isn't bad, I couldn't really get onto it. It's not the films fault. Stories like this seem too many and too much as they seemed aimed at hopeless romantics rather then tell a story as the problems just seem to keep piling up that it becomes too much coincidence. It’s the performances that carry the film more than the actual story and film-making.

In these stories I always feel sorry for the boyfriend or husbands who are cheated on. In most romantic films they give him a flaw that can't be forgiven or shows his true evil colors. In the more dramatic stories of this nature like this film, he is older, boring and too devoted to his mother, so of course these are flaws, but it is also something she knew when she married him. Now all of a sudden she is fed up when it also comes to this film while there is a storybook romance of passion. I am glad the romance is realistic with it's own set of problems.

The film THE BAXTER tries to have this type of character have his own movie, but let him be the star of his own story. It wasn't entirely satisfying, but fun.

This film is more aimed at a female audience.

I believe it is passion, it's Like when you start dating someone there is a fascination so they can do no wrong. So just like any relationship as it runs it's course, there is a familiarity that makes it not as exciting. Yet you keep trying to make it thrilling. Even in affairs and even if you leave the person you are cheating on that kink factor is gone that rush when you cheat is like being a spy hiding and making plans once that stops. You are back to reality also find it Interesting when a woman is a protagonist.

It seems like something she needs to find love and acceptable though if a male was the star. He would be either unwanted or his only choice. As they would make his wife or girlfriend a bitch.

I like films that more or less humanize all involved such as this film does. It's not exotics as the film more focuses on the emotional attachments of the affair more than the physical.

Rachel Weisz gives a phenomenal performance as the fragile women at the heart of a love triangle.

I like that Tom Hiddleston plays her amour not as a textbook beautiful, but handsome enough not an obvious beefcake. Who also seems to have a drinking problem.

I noticed the two lovers are the only real young members of the cast.

If you Go for classic love stories with a touch of bleakness and depression watch this film

Wait for cable

 Grade: B-

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