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Directed By: Walter Hill 
Written By: Alessandro Camon 
 Based On The Graphic Novel: "Du plomb dans la tête By: Alexis Nolent & Colin Wilson Cinematography By: Lloyd Ahern 
Editor: Tim Alverson 

 Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Sung Kang, Jason Momoa, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Jon Seda, Christian Slater, Sarah Shahi, Brian Van Holt

After watching their respective partners die, a New Orleans hitman and a Washington D.C. detective form an alliance in order to bring down their common enemy.

I can see what Sylvester Stallone is talking about when he says that there are no real action movie and stars like there was in the past. It's all fantasy and sci-fi and superheroes. I can see where he is coming from as I grew up on the action blockbusters he and others starred in in the 80's as it seems instead of one man vs the villains it is now one man but that man has super powers. As it seems audiences want more realism in their heroes but still prefer the one man versus so if he is an alien or has super powers that is more believable for them? I also think it is a bias I can understand Stallone's point but it is also that he has tried To make films such as Jose and he doesn't fit in them or tries to make them as simple as the one's he is used to starring in JUDGE DREDD. I also think it is on his interest so he can stay a star like in the 80's and 90's where he made action films that were more heavy on action set pieces then plot and character and he was paid tens of millions to do it with little to no effort. They weren't films you etched to think too hard about. Which might be why he resurrects his popular characters to have box office clout. I mean he can act he wasn't that bad in COPLAND.

With this film he returns to his roots of less plot more action. As the film gets more and more ridiculous while it keeps going along

Sung Kang is the most uninteresting protagonists in a longtime in action films as he seems not to have rational thoughts in most situations. He Never even tries to hide his Intensions always announcing them leading for more trouble for both his and Stallone's character. He trusts the wrong people. He also never seems to learn his lesson.

Sylvester Stallone can walk through this movie with his eyes closed, but as with his more recent performances seems to actually be really invested in his characters you notice the effort behind the performance. Even though the material is pretty by the book cliche and uninspired

Wayne Kramer was originally hired to direct in February 2011. After clashing with Stallone over the tone of the film, he left the production and was replaced by Walter Hill

Both Sylvester Stallone and director Walter Hill performed uncredited re-writes on the screenplay. Why not Stallone usually likes to rewrite his films,Not to mention he is an Oscar nominated Screenwriter.

The only female role is Sarah Shahi playing a bad-ass tattoo artist who seems to fall for the lead rather innocently and only seems to be around to add sex appeal to the targeted male audience as she is either in skimpy tight clothes or just naked.

Unlike Arnold Schwartzenegger's latest film THE LAST STAND that was by the book but had a sense of style and humor. This film is humorless and pretty bland visually. The only real impression it makes is the over the top violence that is gruesome and graphic as at least when people are shot or killed there is plenty of unnecessary splatter.

Watching the film there are no real surprises in store. Bough I can say I wasn't bored. Director Walter Hill includes all the Cliches including plenty of scenes of scarily clad and naked women why? No real reason other then. The Audience for this film would expect it and why not?

Thomas Jane was brought into the project by original director Wayne Kramer. When Kramer left the project, Jane suggested Sylvester Stallone to hire Walter Hill. After Hill took over directorial duties, Joel Silver came on board the project and fired Jane because he wanted an ethnic guy for the other lead role. Sung Kang was subsequently cast.

Though the film does offer plenty of bits of nostalgia and i would happily watch a return to films like this. As long as they don't come out too often and offer up something a bit different now and again. I can't say I am for this film. I wish for a return of pure action films and a particular kind of action star. I just believe it is a product of a bygone era that peaks every once in awhile by isn't here to stay.

Christian Slater's first major role in an theatrical film in eight years since Alone in the Dark.

Walter Hill's first film since Undisputed, 10 years earlier.

Though if you enjoy 80's action this might be the mother-load for you.

Wait for cable

Grade: D+

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