Saturday, November 9, 2013


Directed By: Brillante Mendoza 
Written By: Armando Lao 
Story By: Armando Lao & Boots Agbayani Pastor 
Cinematography By: Odyssey Flores 
Editor: Claire Villa-Real 

 Cast: Gina Pareno, Jaclyn Jose, Julio Diaz, Kristoffer King, Dan Alvaro, Coco Martin, Mercedes Cabral

A drama that follows the travails of the Pineda family in the Filipino city of Angeles. Bigamy, unwanted pregnancy, possible incest and bothersome skin irritations are all part of their daily challenges, but the real "star" of the show is an enormous, dilapidated movie theater that doubles as family business and living space. At one time a prestige establishment, the theater now runs porn double bills and serves as a meeting ground for hustlers of every conceivable persuasion. The film captures the sordid, fetid atmosphere, interweaving various family subplots with the comings and goings of customers, thieves and even a runaway goat while enveloping the viewer in a maelstrom of sound, noise and continuous motion.

This is like Italian neo-realism only in the Philippines. The film-making is seamless almost like a documentary. The reason you know it's not because little plot threads all come together in one day. The fact that the film takes place over one day doesn't help.

As the movie goes I can't say that you learn to like the characters. You Deal with them and see what they go through since they are the main protagonists.

The film Is about a family that runs a rundown porno theater that doubles as a place for hustlers to pick up a d be picked up. We more follow the in's and outs of the duties and responsibilities that each member of the family must deal with which seems non-stop

Now this is a true torture porn movie and it only Runs 85 minutes. It's not a bad film, but after a while it becomes hard to sit through all the hustle and bustle. They have to deal with and they manage to survive, but you have to remember. This is just an average day. Not like in horror movies where of you survive his you are safe or at least death comes eventually and relieves you of your pain.

Sitting here watching this film you remember that things are bad I. Third world countries like this and these people will most likely live their whole lives like this. And then pass it too the next generation. That is the true horror and nightmare of the situation.

The film. Is filled with gratuitous sex. Though that is clear in it’s background it is not the films focus. This is not a film that offers any hope or chance for some kind of change. It has a few, very few lighthearted moments.

The film gives you a glimpse into a foreign land and lifestyle that is gripping, but reminds you to be happy with what you have as it could be worse.

 Grade: B+

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