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Directed By: Marcus Dunstan
Written By: Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton
Cinematography By: Sam McCurdy
Editor: Joseph M. Gonzalez, Kevin Gruetert & Mark Stevens

Cast: Josh Stewart, Emma Fitzpatrick, Christopher McDonald, Lee Tergesen, Andre Royo, Shannon Kane, Johanna Braddy, Erin Way, Navi Rawat
Arkin escapes with his life from the vicious grips of "The Collector" during an entrapment party where he adds beautiful Elena to his "Collection." Instead of recovering from the trauma, Arkin is suddenly abducted from the hospital by mercenaries hired by Elena's wealthy father. Arkin is blackmailed to team up with the mercenaries and track down The Collector's booby trapped warehouse and save Elena.

Just finished watching THE COLLECTION. The sequel to the horror film THE COLLECTOR (Which i surprisingly liked). Now the sequel doesn't reinvent the wheel. It's more of the same only with a bit of story this time and not as much female torture and nudity. If you liked the first one you will enjoy this. That shows the writers of the SAW sequels still had a bunch of ideas for booby traps and tortures and since that series is finished for now. Decided to invent a new killer and give him all the material they still had around. The Sequel is fun, short and to the point. It's gory as hell (Though i believe Hell is gorier) but if looking for a horror time waster and enjoyed the original. this one is a bit more watered down. Still it's never boring.

While never thinking their would be a sequel (Even though the first left room for one) It seemed doomed to be a one shot. Happily this sequel came out of nowhere and surpassed my expectations. While it seems to go out of it's way to shock more. Where as in the original it seemed to want to do the same thing with gruesome scares and had a more intimate feel.

This is the type of film when I was younger that made me stay away from horror all the gruesomeness and gore. That luckily the tv versions cut away from is here on display or at least enough so that they can get a r rating. It’s not as excessive as you would think especially compared to the first film. This one is what you could call tame but only by comparison. It seems half of the time to show just enough of the gore before it can show what would be the money shot of the violence.

I think I look at this film lightly only because I have seen a lot of horror and at this point the gore in some films are so energetic that either I have grown used to it and am not as sensitive to it or that the violence is so cartoonish that while it looks real it is so over the top it’s hard to take it seriously.

The characters are only set-up it seems to be slaughtered quickly and while it’s nice to see new faces and character actors show up. You tend to know what their fate will end up being, The film goes along picking off people left and right after an initial massacre of a club. The film slows it down by giving us a individual group leaving the audience to wonder the order and how each will be picked apart or maybe the film will go for a 2 for 1 deal.

The film manages to have a cocky campiness at it’s heart though it is played more as a thriller. There is a feeling in the film that while death is gruesome. Life is cheap and the characters are only there to be done away with. Instead of us getting to know them.

This film is perfect if you just want something where you know what you are getting into watching the film. If you are looking for cinematic excellence don’t proceed. if you’re looking for entertainment this is probably the flick for you.

Though entirely predictable. it did cause some general tension and thrills once in awhile. Though towards the end it just gets lazy with the killings as at this point I guess the filmmakers are like. After all the creations we have showed you. Now we are pressed for time so let’s keep it simple or they just simply ran out.

It’s easy to call this film another entry in torture porn. The people who criticize it in that manner aren’t wrong. The first film is probably exactly that this film isn’t that far. Some people find entertainment in that subgenre. I can’t say I enjoy it, but with these films it’s kind of expected it’s not like you walked in expecting something different you know what you are going to see. Just hoping it’s done in a different way.

The main villain could be set-up better while remaining a mystery. You have to figure while smart can’t be human to skilled at defense and building and set-ups. Even if they are super genius needed help somewhat. All the pain and struggle he causes is too unbelievable. If so they should be a super villain in a superhero film. or the super hero themselves.

The film ends in what can be seen as the finale to the films or still leaves itself open for sequels. Though it seems the last part might have been added after filming.

I have to say I generally liked it. I wouldn’t mind a sequel but am fine if there isn’t another. Unless of course they have a way to hit it out of the park. But I don’t want this to end up as a Saw-like sequel machine that goes down in quality as each sequel is made. As the first film wasn’t great but entertaining. I am glad these films in their own way resurrected the slasher film genre a bit.


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