Saturday, March 30, 2013


Directed By: Harvey Glazer
Written By: Tim McGregor & Tyler Levine
Cinematography By: Simon Shohet
Editor: Ron Wiseman Jr.

Cast: Jason Mewes, Erica Cox, Richard Fitzpatrick, Nick Nicoterra, Jordan Madley, Stefan Brogren
A lovelorn paramedic rescues a woman left for dead after a deadly assault. When she refuses to go to the hospital, he takes her in, nurses her back to health and soon falls in love with her. Before long the mysterious woman suffers withdrawal symptoms, leaving the paramedic to believe his newfound love is a drug addict. Coming home to find a blood-drained corpse on his floor, he learns she does indeed have an addiction problem but it's not to drugs...

I’m not going to lie this is not a good film at all, but personally I have a soft spot for trashy horror films that have good ideas. And this one certainly is all of those things. With a bit of soft-core sex it seems. At least the film is done partly tongue in cheek. So it has it’s own identity and knows it’s not rewriting anything. It is campy

The film tries to act as a metaphor for relationships. The pain, The Heart Ache, The sacrafices. The film has all of that and it’s own exploitive charms Nudity, Sex Scenes, Girl on Girl action and gore. While exploitive it seems also a bit personal without getting too deep.

The film while being sloppy and loose also has it’s own charm. Which makes a tired and borderline stupid premise entertaining. Jason Mewes gives a better performance then you would expect. He’s come a long way.

Erica Cox is beautiful, but anytime she gets naked the obviousness of her implants becomes distracting and takes you out of the film. After all why would a vampire need implants?

The film is so entertaining yet low budget that you barely notice the lack of special effects for some scenes

It’s a good effort but is more like a comedy with horror elements in it then a horror film with comedy elements in it.

Not a bad effort worth the rental to me, if this doesn’t sound like your type of film wait for cable.


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