Tuesday, March 26, 2013

GROWN-UPS (2010)

Directed By: Dennis Dugan
Written By: Adam Sandler
Cinematography By: Theo Van De Sande
Editor: Tom Costain

CAST: Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, David Spade, Salma Hayek, Joyce Van Patten, Maya Rudolph, Maria Bello, Jamie Chung, Colin Quinn, Steve Buscemi
Watching this film is like watching a sitcom like EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND. It feels like the same type of humor. It feels like Adam Sandler’s (Who co-Wrote the script) humor has dulled as the film feels like a slightly dirty version of a kid’s film, the full embodiment of a family film. As there is dirty humor but it goes by so quick you can hardly catch it. Which would be fine if it was some ordinary Sandler film, but here he teams up with his old SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE co-stars so you expect much more, but they really have nothing to do, As it seems more like a reunion or a excuse for them to all hang out on screen together like how in the film they are reuniting. it’s a bit of life imitating art.

Though it seems A little mean spirited at times but it’s all kidding humor. As in life Sandler is the most successful of them all that is how it is played on screen too. They all are just getting by while he is Uber-Rich and successful. He is the perfect athlete his only fault is not wanting to seem so successful in the film. I mean he has Salma Hayek play his wife for no real reason as none of his children are Hispanic. Nor does she really have anything to do. But I can see her agreeing to be in the film as it was bound to be successful and it would be a chance to not do much and be in a box office champion film. Which is another problem, Most of the females are just here to be here they rarely have anything to do or are let to do anything funny. Especially Maya Rudolph who is a skilled Comedic actress really just stands around. Then all of a sudden some models in barely there bikini’s come into the film as the obvious eye candy for the audience.

Kevin James the only one of the group who was not on SNL fills the Chris Farley role of mostly doing all the physical gags. Rob Schneider is the sensitive loser of the group, David Spade the aging drunk ladies man. Chris Rock the house husband.

This film already was successful before anything was filmed with the cast alone. It looks good on paper, So it seems like no one bothered to put in any effort when it came to filming or the script. You know everything that’s going to happen. The film has no tension or really adversity so you watch everyone just have fun for 90 minutes with nothing really for them to get over nor does anyone change which are the basics for most film stories. It’s one of the reasons I never enjoyed the first season of entourage I don’t find it fun to watch guys live a dream perfect life week after week and no real problems that’s not entertaining, It’s wish fulfillment. I know we go to the movies to escape our lives and be taken away for the most part, But to entertain me I’d like to see someone overcome there problems that makes me feel good. If they had no problems to begin with it is just boring.

I think the reason, I found this film disappointing is that, I am usually a big Adam Sandler fan. I am also a fan of most of the cast members and I feel like this was a paycheck job for them. No one seems on the ball. You wait years for these people to appear in films and for your patience you are usually rewarded. Here it feels more like a insult. Especially having a all star cast you just expect better but these days it is presented like you should be greatful, we are all together and accept what we give you.

I just feel when it is a all star cast. The film should fit so that you can see why they all came together for the project. --Now don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed some parts of the film, even though I really didn’t want to. It produced some genuine laughs, but for the most part left me disappointed.



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