Friday, March 8, 2013


Directed By: Todd Graff
Written By: Todd Graff & Josh A. Cagan
Based on the book By: Josh A. Cagan
Cinematography By: Eric SteelBerg
Editor: John Gilbert

Cast: Gaelan Connell, Vanessa Hudgens, Aly Michalka, Lisa Kudrow, Scott Porter, Charlie Sexton, David Bowie
Will centers on a high school outcast and a popular girl who form an unlikely bond through their shared love of music. Assembling a like-minded crew of misfits, the friends form a rock group and perform in the battle of the bands competition at their school.

A surprisingly good age appropriate teen film. Which unfolds like a good young adult novel. That doesn’t bask in any vices that teen films are usually known for. There is emotion, but it’s not too deep.

Liam Aiken was originally set to play Will, and had just been accepted to NYU's film school. He was later replaced by Gaelan Connell who left NYU's film school mid-semester to take on the role of Will.

The film is interesting, it’s a cute film that is sweet and funny at times with alight dark undercurrent. The music is actually decent. Watching this film I kept wondering why Vanessa Hudgens isn’t a star. It’s a mystery to me.

Lisa Kudrow is in the film and who is usually a joy to see and is really the only adult representative of the cast.

I liked the sweetness in which the romance was handled though it was obvious. I like that the film took it’s time and progressed naturally. Also the fact that not everything or every person even our protagonist makes the right decisions is a nice touch.

The director Todd Graff who co-wrote the film and previously made the film CAMP. Uses similar themes of characters worshipping an art form, but also a master of the art form and getting words of advice from them sort of being approved by them and impressing them and not winning, but getting a feeling they will be successful.

He also has a eye for recognizing good young talent. In his previous film Anna Kendrick was one of the stars in her debut film performance. Now she is an Oscar Nominee. Though 2 of the stars of this film are Disney channel celebrities. I am a little shocked Disney didn’t make it. It’s a clean movie ratings wise. Maybe it’s rebellious spirit wasn’t fitting in with the Disney brand.

The movie was released to great critical acclaim, but only took in $2.7m in the first week. The press, and marketing teams at other studios, put the blame squarely on the film's ad campaign, which presented it as the latest in a long run of "High School Musical"-style pictures for "tweens". Reportedly, this decision incensed the film-makers and led to many arguments as the film neared release, but the decision was never reversed.

David Bowie agreed to take part in the film because he's a fan of director Todd Graff's previous film CAMP.

I especially love the scene at CBGB’s I can’t say exactly why, but it struck me as one of the most romantic scenes I have seen in a long time, Plus it mixes something classic with the next generation making it timeless.

This is a film you should definitely check out. I know I am shocked myself.


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