Friday, November 5, 2010


Directed By: Miguel Arteta
Written By: Gustin Nash
Cinematography By: Chuy Chavez
Editor: Andy Kier, Pamela Martin

Cast: Michael Cera, Portia Doubleday, Steve Buscemi, Justin Long, Ari Graynor, Zach Galafanakis, Ray Liotta, Jean Smart, Rooney Mara, Mary Kay Place, M. Emmet Walsh

If you are a fan of the books. The film may leave you disappointed after all there are 5 of them. The first one of which is 800 + pages and this is a movie that is under 90 minutes. So a lot of subplots and characters are dropped and so is the original ending. So the film plays as a greatest hits version of the book using only it’s bare bones framing. In a way since there are so many books this could have been the directors 400 Blows. Just like how Francois Truffaut kept bringing us Antione Doinel in BED & BOARD, This character ould have come back in sequels the only problem is that the books take place in the span of only a few years and by the time they would film these movies the actors would begin to look a little long in the tooth unless it was a instant blockbuster and like the HARRY POTTER films began filming back to back.

I applaud the cast and filmmakers for letting the film have a identity of it’s own.

I am a fan of the book and must say I enjoyed the film. Yes I was a bit disappointed but could still enjoy the film as it’s own entity. If you like the film with it’s wild original spirit both dangerous and sweet at the same time, then you should love the book. Whixh is more outrageous, Perverse and witty. Ok I will stop Plugging the book so much and move onto the review.

The film follows the attempts of Nick Twisp a too smart for his own good teenager who falls in love on a vacation with his mother and her latest loser boyfriend. Then spends the rest of the movie not only trying to charm the girl of his dreams Sheeni but his Attempts and mischievous plans to reunite with her once the vacation is over. Plus keep her away form her perfect boyfriend.

Though the films is aimed at teens it feels like it would appeal more to adults. There is a cuteness in the film that thankfully never crosses into smugness but the film does lack a certain depth. As things happen they seem random. No Passion seems like it was exerted by anyone. Not even the characters in there scenes seem to have a natural emotional nature. There also seems to be a lack of chemistry that actually plays into the awkwardness of the script.

The big names in the film or character actors seem to be in only a few scenes. Sort of like glorified cameos. Fred Willard even gets a special appearance credit. Which makes the film seem more like a made for television project then a feature film. It makes you winder if the character actors were in more scenes that were cut. Leading to the thought that since the film is only 90 minutes if it was heavily edited down.

Michael Cera does play his usual Awkward self as Nick Twisp but as his alter ego Francois Dillinger he has more freedom and puts in a effort to create a comedic character. I would like to see more of this from him. I would have loved if the film had more of his character throughout the film because when he is on screen you know the scene will be hilarious. The character plays into many French stereotypes. He is tougher and cooler then Nick. Really his id. He also never blinks literally and physically. So he just has a stare.

The film is a satisfying rental but I wouldn’t blame you if you purchased it, But used or marked down. It has a certain charm and a Rewatchable quality.


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