Saturday, November 13, 2010


Directed By: Dominic Sena
Written By: Eric Hobber, Jon Hobber & Chad Hayes, Carey Hayes
Based on the Graphic Novel By: Greg Rucka & Steve Lieber
Cinematography By: Christopher Soos
Editor: Martin Hunter

Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Columbus Short, Tom Skeritt, Alex O’Laughlan

Based on the graphic Novel of the same name. This film is good as a basic thriller. That seems to be the major problem of the film. You have seen all of this before the basic storyline with it’s twists and turns only this time the deadline is set to solve it because There is a winter storm approaching. Also it’s setting in freezing Antartica as it’s location set’s it apart. Those are really the only things that set the film apart from the many thrillers you have seen by now that start and begin the same way.

It’s no one in particular fault. The director knows what he is doing in fact I actually like his other films KALIFORNIA and SWORDFISH (Yes I like SWORDFISH I’m not ashamed) I think one of the things I find amazing is that it took 4 Screenwriters to write this. It seems like a film made by committee, Like the film could have been original but it seems like anything that strayed too far was cut out. It feels like this film was made to appeal to any market without being offensive.

Kate Beckinsle is good though she is so beautiful it is hard to take your eyes off of her. It is a quality that makes it hard for her in films as you suspend disbelief at her playing non glamorous roles. Originally Reese Witherspoon was first attached to the role when it was being planned but dropped out and producer Joel Silver originally wanted Kate Beckinsale. So when Resse Dropped out he got who he wanted to.

The film revolves around A U.S. marshal Stationed in Antartica who discovers a murder in the middle of A oncoming blizzard and as she gets deeper into the investigation she discovers what maybe a conspiracy.

I never read the graphic novel so I don’t know how faithful it stays to the source material. I hope it is better then what appears here. I had some hopes for the film as a Film where a female is the protagonist in a thriller and the authority figure. Where the subject matter has nothing really to do with putting her in sexual situations as many thrillers do. It just seems like a wasted opportunity. No wonder the studio kept it on a shelf for two years then barely released it.


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