Friday, November 5, 2010


Written & Directed By: Andrew Dominik
Based On A Novel By: Ron Hansen
Cinematography By: Roger Deakins
Editor: Curtiss Clayton, Dylan Tichnor

Cast: Brad Pitt, Casey Affleck, Sam Rockwell, Paul Schneider, Jeremy Renner, Sam Shepard, Garret Dillahunt, Mary Louise Parker

This is a film that has a visual poetry that is emotional and affects you because the scenes even when nothing is happening feels so full with emotion.

The film reminds me of Terrence Malick’s style with the use of voiceover narration in certain scenes, the attention to nature and how it helps tell the story and set the mood. How it relates to the characters. The beautiful attention paid to detail of the time period
This is one of Brad Pitt’s best roles as he is a actor who does best when it comes to conveying emotion physically more then with words. The cast is impeccable each role is suited to the actor playing it perfectly in attitude and look. Casey Afleck seems to be a industry best kept secret as he hasn’t had many lead roles but when he does and you wonder will he be able to handle it he hits it out of the ball park here and in GONE BABY GONE.Which is funny that it was between him and Shia Lebouf for the role but Since he looked too young for the role. Casey Ended up getting the role. The supporting cast of the always welcome Sam Rockwell and Jeremy Renner help the film become co-hesive as the cast plays well off each other with love and hate constantly through-out the film sometimes in the same scenes

The film haunts you with a cloud of doom hanging over it. Now the film isn’t fast it takes it’s time and is a bit long but it is worth it.

I like to see the situation in the film sort of like these Celebrity Stalkers. They idolize the people they read about and then by chance get to work with them or meet them then when they meet them they still worship or try to seem their equal but then the person doesn’t live up to there expectations or in some way insults them. Then soon they soon to harbor a disdain but not complete hate for the person and reason. If they are like this I am better then them so why not become the celebrity they are by killing them. Then I will be celebrated and sometimes it works but it doesn’t work out the way they planned it. Now that the person can see it from the celebrity side they see it’s not all that cracked up to be and now haunted by there acts. At least that partly what I got from it.

Director Andrew Dominik is a director to watch. He has creativity and knows how to tell a story with Technology but without calling attention to itself like some directors. I look forward to future films with him at the helm.

The films first cut was 4 hours long that actually won Brad Pitt a Best Actor Award at the Venice Film Festival. People who have seen that cut have called it majestic. Which is the same feeling you get watching this 2 hour anf 40 minute long version.

This is a film worth watching and discovering. You won’t be disappointed.
In Fact try it with a double feature of The Proposition


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  1. Jeff,
    This is a superb review of one of my favorite modern westerns. I agree with everyone of your trenchant points. Mega Kudos!