Saturday, November 13, 2010


Written & Directed By: Seok-hoon lee
Cinematography By: Jin-Woong Choi
Editor: in-dae Mun

Basically a Loose Korean remake of THREE O’CLOCK HIGH with a few subtle Differences. This time the main character is known as the unluckiest person ever and we see examples why. He is the new student at a new school and recognizes one guy as a old classmate but has changed once a nerd now is cool. He gives the unlucky kid some advice to like prison to gain a rep stand up the biggest guy there is. Unfortunately he decides to take on the school bully who challenges him to a fight afterschool and he spends the rest of the day trying to avoid it. While earning a reputation throughout the day and falling for a girl who actually seems to like him.

The film is not as stylized and lower budgeted but has the same kind of energy. Two scenes in particular had me on the floor laughing. One takes place in a boxing ring. The other I’ll let you discover on your own. One of the more likeable aspects of the film is that for all the goofy over the top comedy. It still has emotional scenes and heart my only problem is that after it builds all that up. At the end it tells you what happened to all the characters. It totally destroys everything that the film had built up. Yet leaves a opening for a sequel for two characters who work so well they are part of makes the film work so well.

It’s worth checking out though the film like the Korean film SEX IS ZERO bases a lot of it’s humor o gross bodily functions. Luckily it doesn’t rely as much upon it.

Grade: B-

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