Friday, May 4, 2018


Written & Directed By: Takia Waititi 
Story By: Loren Horsley 
Cinematography By: Adam Clark 
Editor: Jonno Woodford-Robinson 

Cast: Jemaine Clement, Loren Horsley, Joel Tobeck, Brian Sergent, Takia Waititi 

In Wellington, Lily is a wallflower, inexplicably attracted to Jerrod, a loser. He's nursing a decade-long grudge against someone who teased him in high school; she's just out of a job. She goes home with him to a seacoast town where he intends to have it out with his nemesis; she meets his father, his daughter from a one-night stand, and other family members - and there's the memory of his talented (and dead) brother. Jerrod treats Lily badly, invents a relationship with a women he had a crush on years before, and gears up for his fight. Will she finally have enough and go home?

Think of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE hanged the main character to female and set it in New Zealand. Then make the characters just as quirky and regional. Though less endearing, but more mean spirited and I have just summed up this movie for you.

Which I was really Looking forward to and sat through like I was witnessing a horrible butchering. Even the presence of Jemaine Clement from FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS fame Can't even save this film. Considering I am a fan of his that says a lot.

It has a little charm here and there, but not enough to make it watchable. It's like a person who picks on you and beats you up, but treats his invalid sisters and handicapped people. Well yeah it had it's good side but the bad far outweighs the good.

What is shocking is that every film made by director Takia Waititit’s I have loved. This just seems like an off stepping stone and he got a lot better after this film. As maybe he learned more about story and having heart. Instead of making things that happen seem more random. 

Like most of writer-director Taika Waititi’s films this his first is off-beat and seems to have his sensabilities throughout. It just lacks a compelling story to follow. So even though the female lead is funny and awkward eventually she becomes endearing. Yet not entirely entertaining to stay interesting throughout and keep the audiences interest. I can see why this film isn’t a short but other then introducing the audience to New Zealand culture and way of life it doesn’t exactly offer more than a thin story that could have worked if there was more meat to the film.

The director made the two leads wear shoes that were too big so that they would be more clumsy.

It’s hard to even really sympathize for the lead female character. At first you found her sweet and unlucky, but after a while she was just pathetic continually taking abuse after abuse from characters. Who are bigger losers themselves and you can understand why they are losers. There is nothing nice and/or redeeming about them.

This film may charm some but it's a major disappointment. As there is very little to redeem the film and sitting through it feels torturous. Like being trapped in a sitcom that is supposed to be funny but comes across as tedious.

It's running time is rather short and it still feels too long. Like there is a bunch of filler. We will have to wait until someone makes a proper female lead nerd love story epic to impress

Grade: C-

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