Thursday, May 24, 2018


Written & Directed By: Taran Killam 
Cinematography By: Blake McClure 
Editor: Adam Epstein 

Cast: Taran Killam, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Hannah Simone, Bobby Moynihan, Paul Brittian, Aaron Yoo, Allison Tollman, Ryan Gaul, Cobie Smolders 

A group of eccentric assassins are fed up with Gunther, the world's greatest hitman, and decide to kill him, but their plan turns into a series of bungled encounters as Gunther seems to always be one step ahead.

This film is like an amusing skit or short that goes on for too long. That you understand why it needs to be lengthy. Though in between the main action you wish it was a bit more inventive. Instead of it feeling more like filler that is supposed to humanize the characters or at least give them more depth. Though still seems weak.

The film is funny in pieces.

The reveals are pretty much advertised so it’s not much of a reveal who Gunther ends up being. As unfortunately Arnold Schwartzenegger is only in a third of the film. It might have been funnier if he had been in it more giving his own take on things. As it is here he isn’t really funny at all. As when he is in on the joke he tries way too hard to sell it. Plus his hair and it’s styles are so strangely distracting.

Again the film feels overlong with gags and skits that form an overall story. That feels there to tie up some storylines. As this seems like a movie where everyone is either doing a favor or trying to expand their range Bobby Moynihan and Hannah Simone in particular.

As the film gives off a vibe where the filmmaker made this film over a bunch of weekends or whenever people were available. Leaving the cast who could show up with improv situations with action scenes filmed quickly and separately spliced in. It stays vibrant but the film never quite comes alive as it seeks to. It more plays like an actual extended SNL Video Skit.

The film is written and directed as well as starring Taran Killam. Now while this could easily be seen as a film to boost his profile in all three forms of talent. Strangely it doesn’t feel like a vanity project. More like wish fulfillment as he gets to work with his friends and put them in the spotlight. As well as getting an action hero from his youth to be in a film with him and be his nemesis. Which might affect some audience members, but for others turn them off and judge it strictly by the material. He of course Cast his wife Cobie Smolders as his love interest and he even left SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE just to complete this film. That is definitely dedication. 

Grade: C-

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