Monday, July 24, 2017

YOU GET ME (2017)

Directed By: Brent Bonascaro 
Written By: Ben Epstein 
Cinematography By: Magdalena Orka 
Editor: Michelle Harrison & Joe Landauer 

Cast: Bella Thorne, Halston Sage, Taylor John Smith, Kathryn Morris, Rhys Wakefield, Kimberly Willaims-Paisley, Anna Akana, Garcelle Beauvais, Nash Grier 

Tyler's crazy in love with his perfect girlfriend Ali, but when a big fight makes him and Ali break up, he lands in the arms of sexy out-of-towner Holly who shows him a night he's gonna remember. The next morning he finds that not only is Ali taking him back, but Holly is a new student at their school and is dead set on her new man.

This movie is obviously more for a teen audience as it seems to try to pull in many cliches from erotic thrillers of the past. Where a character makes a mistake and has an affair only for it to come back and haunt them. As this film lacks the erotic element except for scenes of more suggested activity.

The main reason for watching the film is Bella Thorne who co-stars and produces the film. This film gives her room to try and break out of her more child star image and play more of a vixen, especially considering how short most of her outfits are. Each seeming to showcase her cleavage, but the film also allows her to show some range as the psychologically challenged obsessed hook-up. It becomes kind of distracting observation that the more she seems to be wearing make-up in a scene is the crazier her character is in the scene. Maybe as a kind of mask.

This seems to be a starter film for people who might not have ever seen this type of film. As it reminds one of so many others hat it is never surprising. Even when it attempts for jump scares they are predictable and seem to be set-up that way early on for no real reason. Other than it is just expected.

I could talk about how all the characters are just way too good looking and the lead looks too old to be a believable high school student. I don't know if it's the writing or his performance that makes him seem so bland.

Though again one must keep in mind most adults are not the target audience for this film ideally. As most of us have seen this type of film and can call it from the first few minutes.

This is one of those films where first person Voice over narration is not needed and more used to fill in an early back story that is really not needed and when it comes back towards the end it feels more annoying then necessary.

The film feels so ridiculous it is the point. Where it feels campy and not in an intentional way which makes it feel all the more that way. Throughout there is implied sex, but no real graphic sex scene. Nor any nudity though plenty of cleavage and surprisingly no real adult language or cursing. So that it feels like a better made less obvious modern lifetime television movie.

The film becomes campy bit I don't know if it's on purpose as he way scenes are played. It seems rather obvious to anyone paying attention that there is something off with Thorne's character the way she continuously stares at the lead just seems ridiculous.

Just as later in the film after being accused of a crime the main character looks up her real full name. Which no one thought to before and finds all these headlines that I am pretty sure would never legally be allowed as she is still a minor and of her past was that infamous would have been known or heard of by some of the school.

What's worse is in the third act the script kind of sets up a perfect crime scenario. That if it went the way it seemed would have made a dark ending that would have set the film apart. Instead it seems to go for a kind of CABLE GUY/THE IN CROWD/THE CRUSH type of ending. All of those films better than this as at least they try not to seem like cliff notes versions of one another as this film does.

The nicest things i can say about this film Is that while it seems like a film a high school student would make with a budget. The film is lit well and while the camera work isn't that great. The scenery and background composition is nice to look at.

Now I can understand maybe this film is some kind of wish fulfillment more for males.. As you have a handsome guy who looks like a model. Who at first seems torn between two beautiful women. One who he loves and is his girlfriend who he has never gotten to be sexual with. Then the girl who he hooks up with and is more than willing to give him anything he wants. Plus makes a connection with him. Even if later it is filled with lies.

So while the guy seems like a nice one. Watching the film it was hard to sympathize with him. As also the only time adults come into the film are when something bad happens or to add to problems.

Just as in the beginning of the film he seems to take care of his little sister. As his mother must work during the day. Though he looks dejected when she gets home from work. Since he instantly takes off. Like there is some kind of problem. Even though the fridge is full of food, he seems dejected that he has to settle for making his sister eggs.

The film seems to only half remember things it sets up. Like that he takes care of his sister while his mother is at work. Yet many times he is busy or out and about when he should be babysitting. We also never see his mother. We only see her texts to him. Also I know young people text but some of the problems of this film could have been solved by simply calling each other. Which only comes into play on the third act. Also the main character has a bunch of trophies so we are to believe he is an athlete. Yet at school he barely seems to go to classes. So forget extra circular activities. Though we do see him surf and I believe that is only to have picturesque scenes at the beach and for him to wear less for the 14,year old girls who I imagine the film is more aimed at. Just as the revealing clothes of Miss Thorne are more for young men in the audience.

Most of the cast again is attractive and most don't embarrass themselves too much considering the material.

Truthfully if you have ever seen any of the previous films or the film SWIMFAN. You have seen this film before.

Grade: F

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