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Directed By: Denise DiNovi 
Written By: Christina Hodson 
Cinematography By: Caleb Deschanel 
Editor: Frederic Thoraval 

Cast: Rosario Dawson, Katherine Heigel, Geoff Stults, Whitney Cummings, Cheryl Ladd, Robert Wisdom, Jayson Blair A woman sets out to make life hell for her ex-husband's new fiancée.

It might be the fact that recently have been watching thrillers that deal more around relationships. More I have been watching erotic thrillers which this doesn't count as. As even though there is some sex the film revolves around jealousy

I knew better going into this film.

Though it plays more like a hard edged lifetime movie. As the motivations and situations are so unbelievable but for the story to keep going and survive we have to accept them even though they and the reactions of the characters are not believable. With the presence of Cheryl Ladd in the cast it only adds to the more television ready melodramatic quality.

For instance his man knows his wife is mentally off but refuses to believe his new girlfriend when she tells him about her. Also the film presents some interesting ideas only to either drop them or go in a way that makes the idea seem stupid.

For instance this film has a diverse cast. Originally meant to star Kate Hudson and Kerry Washington. Though with the casting of the film it still is interracial as far as the two female leads. It race is never brought up on or. Hand happy we can do colorblind casting but it also feels false and like an avoidance. It doesn't have to be the main point of the film but it could have been an element to love. Up the film or add something different. As it seems more people don't trust or believe Rosario Dawson’s character because she is new but you feel an element that maybe it is because of her skin color also. As she is the only Hispanic person or even really person of color in the town.

It's a film where it seems that it was always intended to have this interracial angle and element. Then the filmmakers seem to back down from the stakes that they raised and then just seem to imply that it is more about the mysterious past. that she is being judged and not seen as equal or that the film is colorblind, it seems to know what it is doing, then backs away from it to not cause any controversy. which again makes the film afraid to have it'sown personality and give the audience what they want or may expect

It also doesn't help that the leading man these women are fighting over is ok to average and not a hunk and as the movie goes along and the more he distrusts Dawson's character you wonder why she would still want to be with him or even marry him. If he rarely gives her the benefit of the doubt. Geoff Stults is ok but hard to believe as again there is nothing really interesting or noteworthy about him.

Most of all this movie is dull as it has no energy, spirit or sense of fun. Which seems to be a continuous problem in films such as these. Look they are already predictable and silly, but they always seem to choose to play it straight like they are offering something different or new. Never truly giving the audience anything new or even keeping them entertained by having more of a sense of humor about themselves. They never bask in the ridiculous factor nor give the audience what they want with gratuitous sex or erotica. They all choose to play it safe which raises he question why is this in theaters when you can watch it on a cable channel life lifetime. This happens in films such as THE BOY NEXT DOOR and PERFECT STRANGER.

Though they do provide a sex scene for no reason except to show Dawson's character has been drugged and while that happens. Heigel’s character is sexting, Dawson's ex as her and masturbating for no reason. Except it goes with the cross cutting montage. As other than that we see Heigel have random sex with a guy in a car because she finds out the couple is now engaged. Which goes to show how unhinged she is and provide the little excitement this film will ever show.

The film has no scares or thrills things just seem to happen in a over the top melodramatic way.

The production design and behind the scenes talent seem to upper crust and advanced for this type of film.

This is the rate starring role in a mainstream movie for Rosario Dawson and while it is nice to see her in a leading role. I only wish there was a better film for her to be in that truly challenged her and showed her range a bit more. As his just seems an extended part of her usual roles as the girlfriend or friend in smaller capacity roles.

Katherine Heigel is ok in her role. She does what is required even though she is somewhat transparent. We have also seen her play this type of role before. She is cruel but not necessarily malicious. I am wondering if the filmmakers wanted us to feel some sympathy for her. As that would explain it more. It would have been interesting to have late Hudson play he role as it would be something a bit new and hopefully let her more be an out and out villain.

Another way in which this film fails the audience is that just like the Beyonce Starring movie OBSESSED. this movie seem to hint that there is going to be a big fight/battle between the tow lead female characters and that all the rest is build up. then by the end it never truly comes to fruition.So it feels like more a melodramatic cop out.that wants to inspire some sympathy for the Heigel Character.

Whitney Cummings has a supporting role as it seems Rosario's only friend and partly comic relief who she can talk to and helps her when no one else can.

One of the ways they could have changed things to make this seem a little more distinct or at least interesting and have more motivation. Is maybe having the male lead and Katherine Heigel's Character never gotten married and having a child and she is jealous that all the time hey we're together it never became legal. Though they practically just met this girl and is willing to marry her.

Denise DINovi a successful film producer made this her directing debut after original director Amma Asante (BELLE) dropped out due to Kerry Washington leaving the film. I would have hoped with her involvement the film would have gained not only a more artistic eye, but changed the Script around and would have been able to add some layers. As this seems paint by numbers basic and simply no pizzaz

Strangely the ending leaves room for a sequel or at least an acknowledgment that she might be trapped forever in a continuous cycle. Though if here were a sequel the idea they leave at the end is a movie I would have rather seen. Like they could have cut this movie in half and given the second half to the sequel that will never happen.

Grade: F

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