Monday, July 24, 2017


Directed By: Chris Stokes 
Cinematography By: Joel Layogan 
Editor: Harvey White 

Cast: Brian White, Karrueche Tran, Angelique Pereira, Omar Gooding 

A married womans husband with a perfect life cheats with her sister with extreme consequences befalling them all.

Don't be suckered by the attractive cast. This film is definitely worth skipping. Though most will watch the film for it's trashy qualities. It doesn't even live up to them or at least get it right.

The film doesn't even live up to it's title as technically it is two nights or two nights and a day.

What one should pay attention to is that this was directed by Chris Strokes former manager for he boy band B2k and also director of films starring that group such as YOU GOT SERVED as well as the horror movie SOMEBODY HELP ME, he is a horrible director and continues the trend the trend here.

The film stars Brian White one of the only few actors here who is actually good. He does what is required on his role. Bough this is becoming routine for him to star in straight to streaming erotic thrillers. As well as being the beefcake in many films. As here he is either shirtless or in tank tops regularly for no real reason.

The main two actresses starring in this film are not that good. They do what is required and look amazing but are not very believable in their roles.

There is nothing really shocking in this movie even though it keeps trying to be. Which makes it even more of a sad affair. As the script is weak and familiar.

The film is full of holes that leads to many unanswered questions. The main ones being about the stalker in the film. As her character has just lost her husband and goes to stay with her sister. She seems to get over his death rather quickly. As soon she is seducing and obsessed with her sister's husband. This doesn't seem all that sudden. Which makes it seem like she always did. Which makes us think she might have killed her husband to get this plan started but that is never answered.

She drugs her sister's husband and they have sex the next morning he is ashamed and they start hanging out to talk it out but then again he has sex with her without the drugs. So that later in the film where she says she did rape him with drugs. That argument seems null in void. Plus when he admits to it, he says he had been drugged. Which makes no sense as she hasn't admitted to it yet.

She becomes attached and a stalker rather quickly and by true end it is obvious she has a mental problem. So that instantly writes her character off. Also she is so non-chalant about stealing her sister's husband. Even though there seems to be nothing from the past that indicates why she would hate her sister. She just implies her sister is the lucky one and gets what she wants. A throwaway line but nothing to stand behind. She also claims pregnancy even though they only slept together a few weeks ago.

The film gives the stalker no justification or subtlety it just makes her appear to be hot and crazy all of a sudden for no reason and wants her sister's husband for no reason. It little ways this film. Could have instantly been more credible. Maybe they have an indiscretion due to her being vulnerable and them hooking up when drunk and him caring and making her feel good kind of makes her believe there could be something there. As when she drinks she admits she had a small crush on him before she met her husband. (As they met when her sister brought him Home) so that at least she has a belief even if it develops into psychosis.

Though that would give the character a vulnerability and have the audience feel some kind of sorrow for her. Instead she has to be an out and out villain. Who cares nothing for her own sister. Then by the ending the film doesn't earn it. As the male never truly get properly punished and still ends up being the hero. Which also seems kind of misogynistic. Where as if the wife is the hero at least it gives her something credible to do in her role and she has actually earned it.

Even if he was attracted her craziness would scare most men off. What could have been the movie a little more credible even if it takes away from his character is for the main male character to go into the affair after a lot of resistance. than once he realizes how crazy she is for him to back off. As most erotic thrillers have the male make the mistake and go whole heartedly into an affair then have regrets. Where as here he seems more forced then figures what the he'll I did it once. Bought the second time seems more emotional Jan drug induced. Even though when he admits it he says they only slept together once.

It's a shame as Angelique Pereira is obviously very attractive and she gives it her all, but she goes all the way over the top and bet even in a fun way. The film just keeps building . The problem is that the more they throw comes out of nowhere. Like him working on a political campaign. Which is just random. Something in he background that is set up with no payoff. I could see if because if that he was extra paranoid if. Along the candidate look bad or if she blackmailed him or revealed his infestation to get him fired.

The only other credible cast member is Omar Gooding. Though he is only here to play the best friend and comic relief role. Someone the lead can talk to. Even though is role ends up having no substance. If maybe she flirted with him or used him in her seduction of his friend and to turn them against each other it would have made more sense, but it would ah e also made this movie longer. Which this film doesn't need. One of the directorial mistakes is that in a scene. When there is an argument between the crazed stalker and the man. The camera angle is from outside indicating that someone is watching which comes to nothing late as it was just a throwaway angle for no reason.

Also for a film that is supposed to be an erotic thriller. There is some sex in the film that isn't very erotic or sexy. No matter how they try to make it or shoot it. Nor is there any nudity and after the sex that's it. There is nothing sexy in any of her traps or attempts at seduction. Which the film tries to find plenty of excuses for

Not to mention I want to know what drug makes men all of a sudden susceptible to sex with beautiful women. Yes I know the film wants to show like alcohol inhabitions are lowered when under the influence, but at least drunk and missing his wife can easily be explained. The drifting part seems over the top. Especially when the next day they continue the affair stone cold sober.

Not to mention when explaining to his wife the reason for the affair he mentions being drugged. How would he know? We will just leave out the part where he lies and says it only happened once. As saying it happened more than means he would have to explain why the other time. Either the filmmakers hope we forgot or he still wasn't being honest and deserved more punishment than what he got.

Either way the ending doesn't answer the obvious question. What are future family get together's going to be like over than the obvious uncomfortable.


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