Saturday, June 24, 2017


Written & Directed By: Eric England 
Story By: Eric England & Graham Denman 
Cinematography By: Mike Testin 
Editor: Micahel Felker  

Cast: Justin Dobies, Noah Segan, Elizabeth Whitson, Scout Taylor-Compton, James Ladry Hebert, Adi Shankar, Jerry Purpdrank 

A wealthy young man is conned into staging a fake kidnapping in order to be a hero and win the affection of a girl he's madly in love with. But when one of the hired kidnappers is accidentally killed during the charade, he's forced to actually save her life while not revealing that it's been a ruse all along.

This film taps into the fantasy of being the hero of your own story. As I can see this film working more as an idea. As I had the same in high school and college as a romantic fantasy but to seeking anything in return.

The film feels like an interesting first draft in need of tightening.

This film seems to want to court controversy or more shock the audience. The problem is for all of it's twists they seem somewhat predictable at certain points in the film. Especially when most movies go out of it’s way to give a back story to romantic characters and explain how they got to this point to fall in love with someone. So we already know at the beginning he must be hiding something. Which is really the only thing that makes his character interesting throughout as he is mostly bland. So that it is hard to root for him. Especially with this plan and as it continues he doesn't exactly ever truly become sympathetic.

If the film played with these questions and actually questioned it's protagonist virtues and questioned what is expected and surprised the audience more this could have been something special, but instead plays like a film that thinks it is more clever than it is and conventional as much as you would suspect. It tries to keep throwing the audience off it's scent.

Even the constant supposed to be witty voice over is reminiscent of ZOMBIELAND and really serves no purpose other Thant to partially comment on events passed it coming up.

Just as his plan is so poorly put together it is hard to beloved the kidnapped woman wouldn't suspect him in on it or believe that he has something to do with it.

The film seems to take glee in being vividly violent in the few scenes where violence does occur. It is hard to believe that the main character feels that he is being chivalrous to get noticed and then trusts strangers to come up with a successful plan. So that as the plan falls apart her most in the audience could see coming.

The film seems too interested in switches and turns rather than characterization. Which gives the film an aura of trying way too hard. Where the film isn't as clever as it believes itself to be.

Noah Segen seems to be the only person here having any fun. He classes up the film and gives energy and humor to the film.

The reason films such as these feel misogynistic is that they are taken from one point of view usually male. Who view females or at least female characters as one or the other and never full bodied capable of being more than one or two things as characters. Just one dimensional and characterized by it. That while they might drive the story or plot hey are more a prize or a goal than a person. So they come off as almost an afterthought. This wouldn't be as bad of it seemed like filmmakers in turn then go out of their way to make give all their male characters characterization and definitions, back stories even little quirks.

It also doesn't help when certain films have character get upset or view the females as villainous because they don't fit the ideal of the male lead. Allowing them to become judgmental about them and never having the male characters checked or viewed badly for doing so. As putting the females up as objects of worship or deceitful or just regular not without any distinction does a disservice and is a rampant problem. As a vivid stereotype. As often in the case they aren't l own as the female character is usually defined early and eliminated or take. Out until the end. Only shown a few times to be reminded of what the character is fighting for. So that the female characters are usually kept a mystery and the filmmakers act like that is a compliment. Also the cliche of women being saved or saving a man more emotionally than physically. Then again look at the people who make and green light these films. They see nothing wrong with these characterizations unless there is a public backlash.

Which just points out that there are not enough female voices out there making films to humanize female characters and protagonists. Especially when it comes to genre and comedic filmmaking. So that the only time we get to see females being funny or in a dillemma that requires more dimensions is facing the prospect of being single in romantic comedies.

As way too many times when males try to write or make films about female characters it doesn't exactly work as they are trying to speak for someone else. It is rare that they get it correct.

Never accounting for realistic reaction of other person involved and whether they want to be manipulated in this chaos. We are left to assume they are flattered by the attention, tone and detail devoted.

The film tries to cover itself by covering it's romantic fantasy by justifying it with a compelling act.

One of the more interesting characters is the comedic relief who is more of a minor one, but is constantly hilarious and surprising.

This film is by director Eric England who has made the much better horror film CONTRACTED. Here it seems like he wants to challenge himself by Trying another genre and not being as innovative. By the end the film becomes too idealistic.

Grade: D+

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