Saturday, June 24, 2017


Directed By: Robert Schwartzman 
Written By: Benjamin Font & Robert Schwartzman 
Cinematography By: Benjamin Kasulke 
Editor: Chris Donlon 

Cast: Johnny Simmons, Amy Landecker, Frankie Shaw, Beverly D’Angelo, Alan Ruck, Jason Schwartzman, Talia Shire, Shay Mitchell, Nick Thune, Noel Wells 

Part-time pianist Monty Fagan begins a May-December romance that upends his home life.

A movie of dreamers slowly coming to the reality of their lives and situations. It having a bit of time living a fantasy and learning through the process.

The film has a throwback style to lounges and piano. Are as well as jazz clubs with the neon signs that it could easily be lumped in with the recent LA LA LAND. Only this film takes place in similar locations but is not a musical or as much a love story. It does involve feelings but also more sex. Which this film tries to show he difference and also that it's not everything as they are not exclusive but when both are good and are a natural by product of one another it is perfect.

A coming of age story of sorts. That shows it doesn't matter at what age there are still Lessons to be learned. While the film is a fantasy of sorts. It’s reality is much more relatable and harsh

Johnny Simmons plays the lead who seems to be an innocent dragged along on this journey more out of desperation, but learning through it as he is forced to have a reaction. More to survive than anything. As he seems more to move along life trying to do the right thing but succumbs to the whims of those around him.

He is a dreamer and through out we see him as well as most of the characters achieve their dreams of sorts or find success and become happy to a degree that feels like a dream. Until they are pulled into reality and have to examine the situations and see the cracks and must make the decision to keep going along or make the hard decision but for the better of their life.

Amy Landecker once again plays a seductress of sorts only here she gets a chance to create a character who is more three dimensional. She is a well meaning femme fatale. Who wants to be desired and cared for more appreciated and wants it to continue even when the affair is found out. She thinks it can last. She can be cold but shows emotions when you least expect it and ends up becoming more of the sad character by the end. Though she is not the only one.

Her initial scenes with Johnny Simmons are very erotic and are really where her performance and the film feel most strong and assured. What I enjoyed most about the film is that here are no real villains. Even the character you want to dislike you can see the reason for them being the way they are or the decisions they make like the leads GIRLFRIEND played by Frankie Shaw at first she is easy to hate but as the film goes along you can see her dilemma and see why she makes the decisions she does. Even though she knows she is wrong. She doesn't exactly know any better.

Talia Shire has one scene In the film that packs such an emotional Wallop. That seems unexpected in such a whimsical film. That while it is unexpected makes it all the more stronger.

Beverly D'Angelo creates a comedic character who seems more here for comedic relief than anything but to also give the main character an antagonist in the beginning.

The film could have easily ended unhappily and been dark but ends in a happy note of hope. As it shows the characters who realize they have made mistakes. But chooses to remember them in happier or at the best of times for the finale.

The film is light entertainment that moves along fast and while might not make the greatest impact the film is memorable and effective at times.

The film is a whimsical romantic comedic impossible love story full of hope. That chooses to have a little seriousness as it is needed. Though still manages to keep a soft feeling.

The film is a family affair for director Robert Schwartzman with his mother and brother both having roles and cameos in the film. He shows he has the talent. The story is strong enough You might just wish there was more meat to it all. Then again he seems to set out what he aimed for.

Grade: C+

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