Friday, June 30, 2017


Directed By: Sydney Freeland 
Written By: Shelby Farell 
Cinematography By: Quyen Tran 
Editor: Michael Taylor 

Cast: Ashleigh Murray, Rachel Crow, David Sullivan, Arturo Castro, Sasheer Zamata, Danielle Niccolet, Tim Blake Nelson, Sharon Lawrence, Missi Pyle 

After their mother ends up in jail, two sisters turn to train robbery in order to support their family.

This is a film that feels special. It is perfect for a younger audience where as it might not be the most exciting it is a majorly offensive free film. Full of charm and energy that starts off low key and slowly pulls you in.

The film is so heartwarming, it’s almost like a Disney film with more sinister material. As it tries to be more realistic rather than too fairy tale

The leads are full of charm and even though they have their flaws are impressive and identifiable. So much so that they have a certain Sweetness where you keep rooting for them.

It is also nice to see a racially diverse film that has women of color in most of the leading roles. Not to mention presenting them as smart and talented.

The film is also one of the rare films that is directed by a woman of color. The film has a light touch that feels like a world that you recognize while building it as it's own.

It has a more mustache twirling villain who comes across as more of a twerp than a menace but leaves just enough of an impression to build tension.

Though the film is predictable one of it's strengths is presenting us with characters who at first seem more over the top comedic and strictly one note then later giving us a whole new impression of them by letting us see life through their eyes.

The film feels independent and tries to have more of a hang dog look at life and the rough prospects that the family faces. Though the stakes are very low and seem more projected by what if consequences more than anything.

The film just stays pure of heart and luckily stays away from being a tragedy or plain old unbelievable wish fulfillment. Though stays sweet all the way through.

Which might be it’s one problem is that the main characters and circumstances are so sweet they don't feel real and for some. It may come off as annoying as their is no cynicism in this movie, So if looking for something lite and sweet for the family or just you. This is the film.

Grade: B-

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