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Directed By: George Hickenlooper 
Written By: Captain Mauzner 
Story By: Simon Monjack, Aaron Richard Golub & Captain Mauzner 
Cinematography By: Michael Grady 
Editor: Michael Levine & Dana E. Glauberman 

Cast: Sienna Miller, Hayden Christensen, Guy Pearce, Shawn Hasoty, Jimmy Fallon, Mena Suvari, Jack Huston, Edward Herrmann, Beth Grant, Illeana Douglas, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, James Naughton, Brian Bell, Patrick Wilson, Don Novello, Johnny Whitworth, Colleen Camp, Alexi Wasser, Joel Michaely 

Based on the rise and fall of socialite Edie Sedgwick, concentrating on her relationships with Andy Warhol and a folk singer.

What might be bothersome when it comes to this film is that it makes it seem like the whole importance of the film and the character is based on more a romance rather than anything the character actually does or talent they might have. So while being a biographic film it seems to be more aimed as a romance. Which disparages any of the character and actual persons life and any importance she could have had.

Even though watching the film there is an obvious reason the film was made about her, but she seems more a noteworthy figure rather than an important one. Where her greatest accomplishment was appearing in and being part of Andy Warhol's Crowd.

What a missed opportunity. When it comes to this film. I think the problems with films that involve Andy Warhol or having a Andy Warhol character is that the actors usually get caught up in impersonation than to create a realistic character. No matter how hard they try or how good an actor. Maybe it's because everything with him was about appearance. He never showed emotion. Always putting up a stone faced facade and surround himself with what see's like delusional freaks and wanna be artists or it seemed like people who wanted to be hip and surrounded themselves around him. He seems to be more of a connector and enjoyed having these people fawn over him like his very own circus of sorts to keep him entertained. What they failed to realize is that like a child he craved that attention of them telling him he was so great and revolutionary. It fed his ego and in turn they became infamous as he built them up. A lot of them freely taking drugs while never participating himself let them Self destruct in front of him. To his amusement to a degree then exploited them using them for his art which gained him money and fame it seems. Which he rarely seemed to share with them, but soon his attention decreased and he got bored with them like a child with a favorite toy he disregarded them and left as soon as he found a new attraction. So they were left to fend for themselves. As The movie TOY STORY taught us it's hard to go back to normal

Life after having been the center of attention for a year or two. Look at any of your past relationships and how you felt and dealt with it once it was over.

That is what this film is about. One of warhol's first superstars Edie Sedgwick. The problem is her Edie has no talent and was not very interesting. She had a dysfunctional family and life that involve incest and drug addiction, bit the film doesn't make it or her very interesting.

There are a lot of well known actors in this film playing characters from the factory but all that serves the film is to distract the audience and take us right out of the film that is playing Like a docudrama. So the sense of realism is gone. It might have been more productive as more an experimental feature not only about Edie but also a kind of document to recreating the time and role. Making it a bit meta on the process and honoring the world it depicts.

Sienna Miller puts in a heartbreaking performance as the lead. She makes a meal with the scraps of a character she is given to play. Whose main mission is to find lone and be adored it seems to find a sense of belonging and family. She found it partially with Andy Warhol who seems to be one of the great loves of her life platonically and not romantically. Though that relationship seemed to be her undoing.

The film seems to try to portray that Andy phased her out because of her blossoming romance with a musical superstar. Who was somewhat on the same level of popularity, but didn't respect Warhol's art and saw him maybe for who he really was. This superstar is the other great love of her life and though never named seems to be heavily suggested is bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan threatened to sue the producers for defamation, claiming that the film portrayed him as responsible for Edie Sedgewick's death. Thus, any mention of Dylan was omitted from the script and Hayden Christensen is called Billy Quinn in dialogue and billed in the credits only as "Musician."

It seems here that Edie was becoming to popular and might be at risk of overshadowing Warhol. Though really because of her background a society gal who it seems was slumming and trying to be an artist. Out of jealousy it seems Warhol treated her like a dog who had to be put down. Also out of jealousy of not getting the musical superstar to join into his cavalcade.

There are certain elements to like in this film again another great performance is by Guy Pearce as Andy Warhol. Which feels like a revelation. Even though he is physically bigger than Andy. He excellently made himself seem more meek and vulnerable while still also being vague.

Believe it or it Hayden Christensen gives an ok performance here. It seems he is doing more of an impersonation than actual acting or creating a character, but a decent performance none the less. An actual first that I actually liked. As the musical superstar.

The film also contains one of only two so far dramatic performances from Jimmy Fallon

Other then that the film is a mess. It obviously tries hard to impress the viewer and seems to try and be an Oscar type movie. Don't know if it was supposed to be made that way to showcase the performances especially the lead and also to show how crazy Andy's circle and world was or just bad editing. Whatever the case maybe it didn't reconstruct that world vividly or interestingly enough for one to care. There is no flourish to the movie which it needs

So I will give it a nice attempt. As there is a directorial passion here above all else bit I have to wish a better luck next time


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