Friday, May 19, 2017

CLINGER (2015)

Directed By: Michael Steves 
Written By: Michael Steves, Bubba Fish & Gabi Chennisi 
Cinematography By: Gabi Chennisi 
Editor: Bubba Fish 

Cast: Vincent Martella, Jennifer Laporte, Julia Aks, Alicia Monet Caldwell, Debbie Rochon, Lisa Wilcox, Taylor Clift 

Fern Petersen, a driven high school senior, has her life turned upside down when her overly affectionate boyfriend, Robert Klingher, dies in an embarrassing accident. When Robert returns from the dead as a love-sick ghost, he tries to reunite with Fern - only to have his heart broken. As Robert plots to kill Fern so they can be together forever, Fern will have to fight to stay in the world of the living. Clinger is a blood-soaked coming of age story about the horrors of first love.
This film is more towards the ultra low budget scale. It is filmed like a feature, but it seems and looks more like a well made student film. At least an impressive indie film festival entry

This film is perfect for teens as it is somewhat mature in it’s subject matter but seems to want to be a somewhat honest depiction of feelings of true and first love. First everything, but how it can fade. In this case more because it has to when your partner dies.

Though the obvious metaphors are here as his death really equals a breakup and though he comes back to life from her and she tries to make it work. It's over and the warning signs are there even before his death and because of his neediness that is what initially leads to his accidental death. As they have broken up he still harbors feelings that become an obsession that supposedly we can't tell if it is because of his zombieism or was he just that clingy in the first place (hence the title) that makes him so crazy.

The film tries to show his effort as devotion but while romantic it can be seen also as selfish. That is where I have a problem with films of this type. Where one doesn't mind exposing that even romantics have their flaws. It seems that in many modern films they seem to try to kill or sabotage the cliche of the nice guy and try to make him seem as dastardly as the bro dude. So that it seems like the nice guy always has ulterior motives but the dude bro you know what you are going to get. So go with the more appealing at the time choice. Which it seems to have some repercussions in life. As with any relationship you should take a person on and get to know them and not put them into a type. Though it seems like nice guys keep getting the short end of the stick. Not saying all nice guys are honorable. It's just annoying at times, as more and more films seem to want to reform the jerk to a decent person meanwhile making nice guys more and more creepy.

This film is surprisingly violent more in macabre way with some impressive special effects, but then again it is a zombie movie. So that is a little expected. If looking for cutting edge effects or more of a blockbuster budget you might be a bit disappointed.

The film retains a sweetness and stays off kilter while constantly displaying a ridiculous mood. That allows for an anything can happen attitude. While dark humored it is simple and tries to keep it cute.

Though towards the end when trying to take down zombies is where the film goes a little over the top and tries to make good with what little it has and ends up a little underwhelming.

The films is generally cute and goes in directions you wouldn't expect. Even when it's dark it still stays cute because of it's Constant humor and need to please the audience it seems. Though does still try to have some darkness to it. As even towards the zombie uprising we get to see it partly from their point of view and the main zombie character is so obsessed he doesn't realize another zombie girl actually likes him enough that she wants to kill who he is in love with for vengeance and to get her out of the way.

The film mainly works because of the cast and it's ideas that burst forth so much. You can turn a blind eye to some of it's Shortcomings. Like the third act which seems more playful and wacky than serious. Even though the film stakes are raised then and it feels a bit more horror. It's a nice little D.I.Y. Independent horror comedy film that flirts with more mature material. It doesn't revel in it.

It’s a romantic tale from the other person’s point of view, that shows the downside to romance and being a romantic. That seems to be showing up more and more in films. that unfortunately present a cynical side to romance. That does happen out there, especially when it becomes more of an obsession. Which while true isn’t always that way. Maybe as a dreamer I find it particularly stinging in films when that is presented as more of a norm.

 Grade: C+

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