Friday, May 26, 2017


Directed By: Mark Rosman 
Written By: Leigh Dunlap 
Cinematography By: Anthony B. Richmond 
Editor: Cara Silverman 

Cast: Hillary Duff, Jennifer Coolidge, Chad Michael Murray, Paul Rodriguez, Regina King, Kevin Kilner, Whip Hubley, Simon Helberg, Lin Shaye, Julie Gonzalo, Madeline Zima 

Routinely exploited by her wicked stepmother, the downtrodden Sam Montgomery is excited about the prospect of meeting her Internet beau at the school's Halloween dance.

Yes, not even a children's film are free from my wrath. This contemporary update of the classic fary tale starring hot at the moment it girl Actress Hillary Duff, Whose Reign didn’t last that long

Take my review with a grain of salt. As obviously I am not in the right group that this film was trying to attract.

The sad part is not the fact that I see this movie . The sad part is That i snuck into this movie as a double feature. As it was the only thing playing around the time the first movie let out. Even my mother slept through this film.

The reason I was willing to give this movie a chance was that Jennifer Coolidge and Regina King were in the cast. They are both actresses I usually enjoy and find hilarious. Unfortunately that was not the case here.

The plot of this film the title explains it all. Only set isn't modern times.

Now I know in many films the evil stepmother and step daughters/sisters cliche is out and about and one realizes that when parents do remarry this is the truth for them, but in movies I really would appreciate it just once if they explained how these moralistic, nice upstanding parent marry a total gold digger and conniver and never realize it. Or even after the wedding. Don't they notice the emotional or verbal abuse? strangely it is never quite physical abuse.

This movie is horrible. The few original ideas it does have are wasted. Honestly as broke down and charisma few as he film and the actors are this could have just been a Disney original television movie rather than put it out in theaters, by with recognizable stars and Hillary Duff whose career was hot at the time. It seemed more appropriate for theaters.

The romantic love interest in the film is played by chad Michael Murray and he looks like a man especially in the chemistry free scenes he has with Hillary duff. She looks all of 13 barely a teenager and he looks more like an older brother or uncle. So the two of them, As a couple looks more like a pedophile and his victim not anything romantic and definitely not something that should come to mind watching a children's film.

I realize I am not the ideal audience for this film, but neither is anyone over the age of 10. This film even insults children's intelligence. As the film is never even fun forget funny and is boring for most of it's running time. 


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