Saturday, December 24, 2016


Written & Directed By: David Mickey Evans 
Based On Characters Created By: David Mickey Evans & Robert Gunter 
Cinematography By: David Pelletier 
Editor: Harry Keramidas 

Cast: Max Lloyd-Jones, Samantha Burton, James Wilson, Brett Kelly, Sean Berdy, Greg Germann, Reece Thomspson, James Earl Jones 

In the 12-years-since comedic sequel to 1993's The Sandlot, a new group of kids have moved into the sandlot: David Durango , Mac McKing, his deaf brother Sammy "Fingers" , Tarquell , Scotty's younger brother Johnnie Smalls, and a surprise for The Sandlot 2, a girl in the group Hayley Goodfarier. When Johnnie mistakenly sends a model rocket over the junk fence in The Great Fear's yard, the gang must retrieve it. Even with the help of The Retriever, a kid who steals dog tags and finds The Great Fear's a challenge. Yes, complete with another psychotic name-calling scene with Mac and little league captain Singleton.

I have to explain that THE SANDLOT is one of my all time favorites as far as a go to movie. A film that when you are down you can go to and it will cheer you up and put a smile on your face. A film that is always watchable numerous times and no matter if you catch it in the middle you will still sit and watch it until the end. A movie I remember going to the theater to see. A movie I have watched in all kinds of moods and consciousness.

Maybe that is why I have purposely stayed away from any sequels to the film. Though I did see the third film In the series THE SANDLOT: HEADING HOME before I saw this film. The third one fits perfectly for a straight to DVD sequel. This film seems like a nice attempt but ultimately fails.

As written and directed by David Mickey Evans who also wrote and directed the first film. This film is a carbon copy of the first film only updated 12 years later to 1972. New kids but almost the same personalities and character types. Same types of situations and moments. Really the only difference is that girls are on the team this time. Which adds a little more diversity to the cast and also presents a love story in the midst. Which would be a bit more believable if the actors had more chemistry. Also maybe if the kid actors were better performers it would help. As the leafs seem to be directed to keep their emotions inward. So that they just seem awkward and have no energy.

The films are linked by the same location and the main character being The younger half brother of smalls from the first film. But it has the same obvious leader who has all the skills. An extended chase scene with a dog though the streets.

What I believe might be the problem with this film is that if you have seen the original it is a in superior sequel and almost the same film so it's like Deja Vu. Only his time the film isn't as fun or sharp or even as entertaining. As the film feels lightweight and more silly and generally stupid in general. Though it is. It really for the adults to decide. It is cleaner and less offensive In General as it lacks a vomiting scene. I am sure kids will love it or at least like it.

I really wanted to like this film. As I don't want to pick on a kid's Movie. Especially a beloved one that has spawned a sequel by the original creator. I just wonder why he basically remade the same movie with minimal effort to even change the beats. Barely anything new is presented in this film.

Not to mention why is the one African American cast member the only one who gets no real future. He gets one bit a rather vague one that feels just tossed off with no thought?

Everything that happened to David and Haley after the movie really happened to the Director and his wife.

I can't say it's a perfectly good time waster. As if anything i probably took the film way too much to heart. Though still watch at your own risk,

Grade: D+

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