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Directed By: Shawn Crahan 
Written By: Joe Casey 
Cinematography By: Gerardo Madrazo 
Editor: Meg Ramsay 
Production Design: Jeremy Reed 
Art Direction: Anton Tremblay 

Cast: Kim Coates, Lauren Velez, Sam Witwer, Meadow Williams, Mark Neveldine, Reno Wilson, Tracy Vilar, Alison Lohman 

Based on the Man of Action/Image Comics original graphic novel created by Joe Casey and Chris Burnham, written by Joe Casey, about a police officer who can't be stopped by death so he returns to the streets time and time again to fight crime.

An opening scene that offers sex and Nudity for no other reason than it just seems to go a long with the cliches of the material and to at least have that In the film which might help viewership. Though doesn't offer much of later. Only in glimpses and really has nothing to do with the story other than to have an inside joke of an orgasm counter. Which pretty much sets up the type of film you will be watching. As it's not clever. Nor does it try to include anything as jokey as it again. So after watching the opening scene at least you know what you are in for and if you wish to proceed. At least you were warned. As it doesn't get any better.

The film tries too hard To be offensive. It Feels like a combination of bigger budgeted Troma studios film mixed with ROBOCOP (just as nihilistic but without the satire) and the animated AXE COP series. Even though I know it is based on a graphic novel. It feels like it as the film is continuously episodic though gathers no real excitement and the world it takes place in makes no sense and seems outrageous and colorful just to be with no real reasoning behind it.

It obviously owes a debt to the CRANK movies which this film shares co-director and co- writer of Those films Mark Neveldine here as a cast member and one of the producers of the films. The film also has cast member Rob McHenley Who suffers the same fate in this film as he does in the CRANK movies and seems deemed to keep co-Starring in dark violent over the top comedies that make it to the screen. One wouldn't expect less from one of the creators and cast members of IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA.

The film is directed by Shawn Crahan of the band SLIPNOT a band that is heavy metal and he film feels like one of their songs or videos come to life. As it has a rocking soundtrack that always seems loud and has a rather nihilistic world view. That seems more exploitive and explosive, but never exactly tries to turn it down but never reaches the volume it clearly wants and seems building to. Seems to want to be adrenaline pumping throughout. Though comes off more like a teenage boys wet dream, with Over the top violence and gratuitous sex. Three members of Slipknot make cameos in this movie. Corey Taylor as Headcase Harry, DJ Sid Wilson as a Thug and Percussionist Chris Fehn as Vulture

The film feels like it doesn't have any reason or point to make. So it comes off more Like a fan film with It's low budget quick cutting action sequences, quick editing and just off the wall humor. That seems like it was more intended as a highlight reel with a stitched together plot. That makes one believe this Seems like it would make an interesting short or even a series to go into more detail and explore this strange reality that the film takes place in as well as offering plenty of side stories.

I Wanted to like the film. As I enjoy the CRANK movies way more than I should, but this film leave one with a feeling of been there, done That and seen it before. that makes it feel like a copy rather then fresh even though it has it's own original storyline. It also is barely 90 minutes and feels long. At least the CRANK movies while ridiculous knew how to keep the audience entertained and following along.

Though the CRANK movies were better maid and seemed to have a point and somewhat of a story. As this film only offers more do the same continuously while trying to seem like there is more to it.

I mean this film has killer Nuns and animalsor at least people in animal masks as gang leaders. Yet while fun it still never rises to the proper amount of lunacy. It reaks of attempts. Not out of passion. More like it was made up as it went along. Where the thinking was let's include whatever silly thing we can think of to really mess with the audiences sanity.

I am usually always glad to see Kim Coates working. He is one of my favorite character actors. Usually playing villains of somebody of questionable morals. It is impressive here to see him Play a hero cop for once, of course one who is more extreme is not entirely surprising.

Also as a fan of Kim Coates I was more than willing to give the move a chance and actress Alison Lohman. Who I haven't seen in anything in awhile who was once Hollywood's new it girl. Disappointed in her small role in this film which might be a blessing as she might not have wanted to be too much in the film and be considered one of the major stars of it. As she is more in a small supporting role. It sets out to be a cult genre film and is mildly successful. Though it tries too hard and surpasses it's aim and meaning. Especailly after starring a few years in the box office hit DRAG ME TO HELL

Though not a total failure. It's not something I can imagine anyone wanting to see again more than once.

It's an outsider film that seems desperate to fit in or gain an audience. As it does feel like a film made of youth and that is who it seems designed to appeal to. It's Addicted more to cheap spectacle rather then detail.

The film is shot like a porno Film. There is always plenty of action. Only they use use the gore and violence as a kind of money shot with plenty of releases throughout.

Though this film is episodic and feels like informing the audience of an origin. The villains while a challenge, don't seem that hard to defeat. So while predictable there is no suspense. Which is a shame as the film has all the ingredients. But the formula fails. This film makes like HARDCORE HARRY all the more impressive and fun.

Grade: D

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