Monday, April 4, 2016


Watching the film TOMMY recently and i remember seeing it in high school and thinking how mind bending it was for me and how beautiful the music was. This was definitely a new kind of film experience for me. Now while I still Love the soundtrack, watching it recently. I enjoyed it, but also I guess noticed the strings to a degree. Some things now come off as downright ridiculous. Though I still like the film, not as much in awe or in love with it like I used to. --It was certainly one of the many cinematic landmarks. As well as a musical one. As it presented and truly not only introduced but peaked my interest in the music of THE WHO.

The film has an all-star cast. One of the rare and last times. As different artists and actors. Not only play roles, but give their interpretations of the songs. It also allows us to view the luminous Ann Margaret. Early (for me) Oliver reed and a rare musical appearance from Jack Nicholson. All In their prime.

It not only put a face to the name Keith moon for me, but also showcased the power of Tina Turner in performance. As she steals the show and movie.

The film manages to be abstract, psychedelic, surreal. All at the same time. The production design/Art design is a thing of beauty.

The film seemed deeper or I saw more things in it. That might have not even been there. Maybe it was just me projecting. Maybe I read what I wanted to or was deeply in my own subconscious and was my way of dealing with what I was seeing. Trying to make some kind of sense of it all.

Truly showcasing and providing further evidence that Ken Russell was a British mad genius.

You have to understand it was to me what 2001: a space odyssey is to others. It challenged what I thought could be done in films and visually. It opened up my mind to the fact that so many things In Fact anything was possible. Not in a childhood didn't know any better, but on my way to adulthood so I know the challenges and facts way. It illuminated me to the ways of the world. I even redacted certain scenes of the film repeatedly and remember this was me stone cold sober. No drugs nor had I discovered drinking yet. Though I was taking acting classes so maybe that partially encouraged me to explore my reaction and feelings for the film at the time. Some have THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, some have THE WALL. I had TOMMY.

It could be like when you discover THE CLASH or a group that is universally liked and you finally have your period of fandom with the group then get older and here the songs and they aren't as powerful or magical. Even though you know then and still like them. You also get tired at times to a degree of hearing them. Maybe eventually in the future you will remember and feel strongly about them again. As you can remember why they meant so much.

We are more used to this when it comes to television shows, that we are nostalgic for. Then when we grow up and they are available. Not as good as we remember them. That some towns even makes us wonder was it always his bad or what the hell was wrong with us. Well it was out frost experience with it or something like it and also it was made more to fit the times. Though since we last saw it we saw things like it and better We also had more experiences. Which helped us and our taste to change.

Don't knowing this answers any questions it works better as a theory or observation. If anything it goes back to the age old rule. That the older we get we look at things differently and from a different angle. This was just my version even though I knew the answer.

I still highly recommend the film.

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