Saturday, April 23, 2016

EMELIE (2016)

Directed By: Michael Thelin 
Screenplay By: Richard Raymond & Harry Berbeck (Under the name: Rich Herbeck) 
Story By: Michael Thelin, Richard Raymond & Harry Berbeck (Under the name: Rich Herbeck) 
Cinematography By: Luca Del Puppo 
Editor: Eric Nagy 

Cast: Sarah Bolger, Joshua Rush, Carly Adams, Chris Beetum, Susan Pourfar, Elizabeth Jayne, Randi Langdon

A couple's replacement babysitter turns out to be more than they bargained for when she subjects their kids to a series of twisted activities. This familiar thriller, should be titled Parent's worst nightmare as that is how the film proceeds throughout the action of the film.

The film is more a thriller that while involving adults, but most of the screen time and terrorizing is devoted to the kids of the film. As they have to deal with babysitter who seems at first too good to be true then turns horrific as the night goes along.

The film becomes almost a television movie thriller with some edge. As it could be watched with the family. If not for some content that plays more risqué. Rather lite for the material that is expected. Unfortunately nothing too new is added and you can guess where it is going every step of the way.

The film is odd in that it for the most part keeps it clean, but manages to raise the tension. Which might be as the only people who truly seem to be in danger are the children. As most of the material could play for television. Except for the contents of two scenes which aren't necessarily shown, but are given glimpses, overheard or are suggested. That can be seen as very disturbing. So in essence this film is a very light thriller. That more disturbs of you think about it in relation to your family rather then look at it as a far off fantasy.

At least the film gives us a background and history for our title character. So that we understand her motivations. As actress Sarah Bolger is the only actor who is recognizable from any movie before. She is best remembered from the film IN AMERICA. Here she is all grown up and out villain. Who can be playful but turn to ice the next second. While the film is entertaining. She is the only reason to really watch it as she gives a great performance as a sociopath. It’s interesting watching her throughout as you never can predict what she is going to do. So that she constantly stays surprising.

Emelie's middle name is Medea. Medea was a Greek heroine who killed her own children.

It is one of those movies where if you think about it and use logic this film would have been a lot shorter and simpler. As even when it comes to the main character's plan. It could have been so simple and she could have been successful. If she wouldn't have decided to add so much and try to do so much damage on her way to the plans completion.

Though a certain amount of blame can be put on the parents. As they seemed to never fully check or double check on things. Which is given a weak but believable Excuse of trying to just want to have a night out and leave as quickly as possible. Then having a good time and simply forgetting the time and responsibilities. I didn't say I agreed, but it is believable.

The third act then turns into an almost home alone type experience. As the children turn to tapes and booby traps to fight back against the babysitter.

Though the ending leaves room for a sequel. This could be a successful series of thrillers that might overstay their welcome after the second though. As some of these kids will definitely be damaged.

I would complain about the lack of action or how weak it is, but the. Again as it mostly involves children. There is a limit to what can be allowed and believable.


Also her plan involving just kidnapping the youngest would have been so easy. If she didn't seek out to psychologically damage the kids and try to kill the oldest one out of revenge. And also kill the other babysitter who shows up, because a help us more was slipped to her


Grade: C

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