Saturday, April 23, 2016

EXPOSED (2016)

Directed By: Declan Dale 
Written By: Gee Malik Linton 
Cinematography By: Trevor Forrest 
Editor: Melody London 

Cast: Keanu Reeves, Ana De Armas, Mira Sorovino, Big Daddy Kane, Michael Rispioli, Christopher McDonald, Gabriel Vargas, Laura Gomez, Melissa Linton, Andrew Polk, Danny Hoch

A police detective investigates the truth behind his partner's death. The mysterious case reveals disturbing police corruption and a dangerous secret involving an unlikely young woman.

Originally titled "Daughter of God"

I am shocked that this movie got the star power, it did as it plays like a film that could easily have passed as an extreme episode of a police procedural. This film is just a mess.

As the film goes along to constantly feels like we are coming into the story in the middle. Just as much as being introduced to the characters. Like we are supposed to know them. So the audience feels like they are coming into the season blindly and trying to catch up. In that manner the film remains questionable throughout. Especially when loose threads abound.

Though with the way the story unfolds. It can only be uniquely and equally told through more the various characters point of view for the film.

The few scenes of action in this film look fake.

The big bad villain is barely in the film, plus we never get a real chance to see him Do anything too evil or dastardly. He more threatens and we see the aftermath of his orders. Big Daddy Kane and the only African-American characters in the film are the evil Ones as even other characters who are drug dealers get some kind of humanity and decency. Making it seem like their crimes are more a product of survival and of the street environment around them.

One story-line leaves loose ends. There are a bunch of scenes that feel left out and we are supposed to assume what night have happened. As the film’s original cut might have been running too long. Which would explain more of the circumstances.

The film is pretty dull most of the time. So that you don't really care after awhile about the outcome. You just want it to end or something interesting to happen.

The films revelations are pretty predictable after early in the film suggestions are made that there might be a supernatural edge to everything. Though the ending comes out of nowhere and feels far fetched as it begins to put twist, upon twist, upon twist.

Mira Sorovino's character goes from grieving widow to horny cougar awfully quick. That it almost seems Like she is aging more in a romantic comedy, but she does look very attractive throughout. While the film Pulls her in so many different directions.

Ana De Armas is lovely throughout and is quite believable as out female lead. I only wish she had a better film to match her performance. As she is pretty much the heart of this film and is one of the only actors who comes off well. It's unfortunate that so far her American starring roles have been in such and films. Coincidently both co-starring Keanu reeves. As she proves to be better the time he material and white eye catching. While The whole cast plays their parts to the best of their abilities or at least as much as the script allows. But she actually grabs you and makes you feel Something. No matter how far-fetched the film goes.

The movie was originally set to be produced in 2009 with Nathalie Kelly playing the lead role, but production fell through a month before principal photography.

Keanu Reeves sleepwalks through the role. Making one wonder did he get caught in a THE WATCHER situation again where it was all about contractual obligation? Did he need a quick paycheck and gets to stay in New York? The role gives him Barely anything to work with. We know he has personal problems as a bunch of people tell him what is wrong with him, but other than being a workaholic who has a hard time relation to an off-screen son. That is all the film shows us. Other then the fact his partner who he had a friendship with is revealed to be scum. Though he still seems to want to get Justice for him. Even as he knew some of his crimes and stayed quiet.

The role Keanu Reeves plays was originally intended to be a supporting role. However during editing, Lionsgate decided to make the story focus on him rather than the Latina lead.

A scheduling conflict prevented Philip Seymour Hoffman from playing the lead role in 2009.

Also the film presents Keanu reeves ex partner as a guy who Seemed decent bit was really awful, but when we actually see him. In scenes he just comes off as brutal and a monster. That it Is hardly believable her was even like able or decent nonetheless with a caring non-abused wife and food kids or that Keanu Reeves would be friends with him and Mourn his passing. Also that any of the other detectives would trust and like him.

The film Seems like it wants to be a gritty mystery of New York, but it comes off as contrived and with more details then it needs. It seems the supernatural element is only here to try to set the film apart from films of it's type. If It had more better directing and a stronger script. It might have been a The original story was surreal bi-lingual social drama, reminiscent of Pan's Labyrinth and Irreversible that focused on child abuse, violence towards women, mass incarceration, and police violence committed under the color of authority. is a surreal story that focuses on a Latina lead who was abused as a child. This version is 70 percent in Spanish. However, the movie was sold to Lionsgate Premiere, who thought they had been sold a Keanu Reeves cop thriller. During the editing process Lionsgate changed the story's focus to center on Reeves' character and changed the movie into a generic crime-thriller. Gee Malik Linton is the director of the film, but is listed under the pseudonym of Declan Dale. He had his name removed from the film. An alternate version that follows the creator's vision was edited by Roman Polanski’s Longtime editor Hervé de Luze.


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