Friday, August 23, 2013

SHAME (2011)

Directed By: Steve McQueen 
Written By: Steve McQueen &Abi Morgan 
Cinematography By: Sean Bobbitt 
Editor: Joe Walker 

 Cast: Michael Fassbender, James Badge Dale, Carey Mulligan, Nicole Beharie, Lucy Walters, Amy Haragreaves

Brandon is a 30-something man living in New York who is unable to manage his sex life. After his wayward younger sister moves into his apartment, Brandon's world spirals out of control. Shame examines the nature of need, how we live our lives and the experiences that shape us.

The first 10 minutes are like a great emotional short in in if itself luckily it keeps going.

The film has a cold nature. The camera is intimate with the characters to bring the audience close to them as much as he characters themselves push others away. We get to see the drama in their eyes and fears as much isn't said but rather shown through behavior, action and decisions.

Though like the character the nature of things is more presented matter of factly that We witness.

The film makes no decisions, manipulation to tell us how to feel. We are left to make up our own minds.

The film introduces is to take a glimpse. What we take away is out own decision.

Their is a colorful palette presented with rich colors to dull at first but on closer look you can see the deepness of the colors. It is painted inside the lines. Not abstract so you have to study to notice what is written between the strokes. Notice it's inner beauty and art.

Director Steve McQueen presents another masterpiece. Not as dazzling and tantalizing as HUNGER. This film is a bit more accessible. Not as grandstanding, but still an achievement to behold. That shows a certain bravery and bravado on not only his part, but for all involved. Carey mulligan hypnotized in her role. This is the first role I have seen her in where I really take notice of her fully. She's been good before, here she is amazing. The scene where Brandon hears his sister sing in the restaurant was shot in real time. James Badge Dale and Michael Fassbender had never heard Carey Mulligan sing before so their reactions were real. The scene was shot at 3 a.m with cameras focused on all 3 performers at the same time.

This is another social drama without really seeming that way. His Film is more subtle seeming like an erotic film at first that instead becomes slow torture that he puts himself through. Then he pain of his work friend and boss romancing to a degree his sister. Though his own relationship with her is a mystery itself that you are not expected to solve., as their emotions are all over the place around one another. Both characters are damaged who look for physical pleasure I give them a feeling of momentary joy and happiness. Never enough to last log then feel a slight disgust afterward, but still want more and know it will never be enough. As that is easier then emotional intimacy leaving them open to be Hurt and not in control. seeing that as a weakness he takes it one way. She is the opposite seeks emotional enjoyment and intimacy generating it and focusing her affections on any man who might take care of her believing it will make her happy and protect her. Picking the wrong men, Does it on purpose seems like a way so she can feel bad and not guilty about hurting herself making it seem like a result of bad judgement

Socializing is different for him, but sex and seduction easy. He never has to let anyone truly in and see the real him. Who they might be disgusted or scared of.

Like Stanley Kubrick only a little less showy when it comes to camera work.

A realistic approach as the characters could be anyone, very identifiable without actually revealing too much about their past. He makes it all seem so easy yet the results are so amazing though I live in New York makes the city look foreign and new. Steve McQueen changed the location to New York because he couldn't get the money to make the movie in the UK.

Luckily this isn't a one man show Michael Fassbender while physically and emotionally Naked has Carey Mulligan to help while the rest of he cast fills their roles admirably.

The slow close-ups he feels he doesn't deserve the normal loving relationships. So he pushes then away and can't go through with the lovemaking when it comes to someone he tries to maintain a relationship with and go cold turkey. So to speak towards the end. It even shows it has nothing to do with attraction and sex. To him she is too good and pure he doesn't want to stain or corrupt her with his lifestyle she is in effect his ideal.

At times he is presented as disgusting but then in contrast we see other characters who are perceived normal who are just as bad or worse but have some sort of moral high ground in public at times he Is a willing partner. But there are more than enough people willing to supply what he wants. Aren't they just as guilty?

These are some of the questions. The film raised to me

The title seems to refer as no one has any here but the. Again have so much as the film shows plenty of nudity and sex scenes without batting an eye but when it comes to emotions it maintains a poker face and a sort of censor.

The sex scene with Michael Fassbender and Amy Hargreaves pressed against the glass of a room window in Manhattan's The Standard hotel was actually filmed above a busy street during the day. Spectators watched while the two actors, in the nude, smiled and waved at them from the hotel room above between takes. Since the Standard Hotel opened in New York in 2009, it has become notorious for its guests engaging in public sexual activity in front of their rooms' windows, sometimes for the entertainment of audiences on the street or in the High Line park below the building. This phenomenon has been documented in articles in New York Magazine, The New York Post, and The Observer, among other publications. In 2013, a Chinese couple fell to their deaths while reenacting this scene, when the window they were leaning against gave way.

I can't recommend this film highly enough. It will definitely touch you on some way

It takes on some of the same taboos of sex as the screenwriters previous script secretary only here not a love story nor as much humor 

Grade: A+

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