Friday, August 23, 2013

LO (2009)

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Written, Edited & Directed By: Travis Betz 
Cinematography By: Joshua Reis 
 Cast: Sarah Lassez, Jeremiah Birkett, Ward Roberts
Love presents many challenges to couples...but none so daunting as the one Justin faces with his girlfriend April. Kidnapped by demons, April's mystery begins to unfold when he finds an ancient book that she has left behind. Using the book, he contacts the demon Lo, ordering it to help him rescue his girl from the fiery pits. But Lo has other plans for his new master...dinner being one of them.

I discovered this film accidently and took a chance on it based on the reviews of the film. I can say I have never seen anything like it. I was thankful and impressed for discovering it. I wish there was a wider word of mouth on the film.

This Is a film that has some great ideas and a one of a kind imagination. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a budget to support all of them. It tries to work around that and in some ways it works, but in others lack of sets or even realistic sets.

I understand it was supposed to look like staging as it was a performance of a memory, but then it made the film look like a play that was filmed, Instead of being a movie.

The film feels like a spin-off of a episode of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER or ANGEL TV series. It has that campiness feel with musical numbers, but then can turn deadly serious on a dime. While the film can stay fully believable in it’s fantasy element. No matter how far-fetched it gets and still keeps you enraptured.

The only thing is that if this had a bigger budget I can imagine it being so much better, but then again maybe it’s low budget keeps the filmmakers creative and makes it feel gritty thus more realistic to a point.

It’s perfectly timed at 80 minutes, but at certain points some of it felt tedious and feels padded especially when making the lead a drink. So the film feels like it could have been 60 minutes with 20 minutes of padding instead maybe have one more flashback to pad the time.

It’s a darkly romantic tale that questions it’s central love story and wonders is the two involved are really worth the deep love that they have for one another.

The film isn’t for everyone, but it has a certain charm and is definitely original. It really is only needed to see once to get the whole story, but will leave you thinking about it once it is done. Though it has many qualities that will leave you with an admiration.

Learning it was filmed in only 5 days leaves the film even more impressive. It does have impressive costumes and make-up

Sarah Lassez who I have been a fan of since the film NOWHERE impresses as she seems to play her scenes in a hyper realized version of I hope her character in the play only.  

The film has a quirky charm and can be a undiscovered gem for adventurous film viewers.


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