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INSIDE (2007)

Directed By: Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury 
Written By: Alexandre Bustillo 
Cinematography By: Laurent Bares 
Editor: Baxter 

 Cast: Alysson Paradis, Beatrice Dalle, Tahar Rahim

Four months before Christmas, Sarah and Matthieu Scarangelo were in a car crash, of which Sarah and her unborn baby were the only survivors. On Christmas Eve, Sarah stays home alone, where she grieves her husband and prepares to go to the hospital the next morning for the delivery. As night falls, a woman knocks on Sarah's door asking to use the phone. When she refuses, the woman reveals that she knows Sarah and tries to force her way in. Sarah calls the police; they inspect the home and determine the woman has left, but promise to keep watch over Sarah through the night. The woman returns and tries to take Sarah's unborn child, but Sarah locks herself in the bathroom. The strange woman torments Sarah through the night and kills all who try help her.

Yet again a foreign film has laid down the gauntlet When it comes to horror and suspense. How come foreign countries make such one of a kind unforgettable horror films like REC, THE HOST, THE RING, AUDITION, A TALE OF TWO SISTERS. While we in America are either remaking These films badly SHUTTER, THE UNINVITED, QUARANTINE, THE EYE, PULSE or remaking hits of the past like TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, THE OMEN, PROM NIGHT, FRIDAY THE 13TH. I don't See the studios doing it too much to other genre classics, sure they occasionally try a PSYCHO or a FOOTLOOSE, but they prove to be limited financially and definitively not memorable. In fact the greatest thing they do is remind you how much better the original is or introduces a new audience to the original. Now instead of remaking a film shot for shot they call it remaining. Where only a new element is added and of course modernization. We are cannibalizing classics so much soon we will see TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD remade starring Colin Farrell and Wesley Snipes. The other alternative is that studios make weak lowest common denominator horror films like BOOGEYMAN, HOSTEL, SAW, DEAD SILENCE, and DARKNESS FALLS. Then he few good original horror films are usually independent low budget straight to DVD films. Films that show great creativity and evidence of a filmmaker using their imagination films like THE SIGNAL, DEAD END, DEAD GIRL, MURDER PARTY, MAY, ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE, MY LITTLE EYE. That you have to seek out and once you do to aren't sorry. yet doesn't explain why the film wasn't huge, because it was something original and a little dangerous hat won't please everyday and has no demographic. In face the problem is that these films struggle to find a distributer take way too long to become available. I they even do at all. So why am I getting at? The disappointments I feel for the horror industry at times. It has to be more hen just murder, gore, nudity and sex. Like any it is an art form that should also deliver a coherent story, some good characters not caricatures. Deliver Thrills and chills also. Don't get me wrong I like thin plot the shallow popcorn blockbuster films as much as he next guy, but haven't we seen enough of those each year. Don't you sometimes want a film that scares you and makes you think, not is predictable that actually makes you feel a connection? A film that affects and stays with you after? That isn't easy to forget? Of you are looking for that film ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to this film that goes by the title INSIDE.

It's a foreign film, but don't worry if you don't like to read subtitles. There is not too much dialogue in it. Besides the visuals half the time are so intense you will not want to read and be more inclined to look away, but don't Instead the story is told More in moods and tones. It starts out visually captivating, than it shocks you and settles in a little while to let you catch your breath and get to know the drama involved. It gives is some time to bet to know some characters but it sent out some quick shocking violent cuts. Just to see if you are paying attention and to remind you what type of film you are watching. Then once the action starts again it never let's up

If you are pregnant or are very sensitive don't watch this movie other then the extreme gore. It's like watching your own worst nightmare on celluloid.

This film is shocking and beautifully gruesome at about the halfway point. I don't believe here is a scene without blood somewhere in the shot.

When it comes to this film the less you know the better.

Just know it's a survivor tale of a gory chess game where alliances are formed and abandoned at moments of notice. This film is amazing, the lighting the camera angles the shots. He weird medieval looking dress that Beatrice Dalle wears.

I am happy to see Beatrice Dalle on screen again. She makes a terrific and scary And scary looking villain. She has a hard look and a odd beauty, though it shows it's been a long time since BETTY BLUE she still looks gorgeous to me. In this film she manages to create a memorable, evil, vengeful Character without really talking. She is all action, body language and looks. You never know what she is thinking or going to do.

Compliments must be paid to Alysson Paradis who creates a character who is both fragile but also a fighter for survival. Nowhere is this more evident than in the kitchen scene near the end. No matter what she is put through she keeps moving. She can't leave the house because of the riots in the streets. Which makes her a prisoner in her own house. Even though she has somewhat the means to leave. There are other characters in the film that come and go, but mainly this is a grudge match between protagonist and antagonist. Especially after the mental anguish of what she does in one scene that is played as a throwaway, but I think if all the craziness wouldn't have been happening would have been a deep dramatic moment.

There is only one thing about the film that bothered me. It wasn't the short running time for a change as it manages to accomplish a lot in that time. I would 't know how much more one could take or what was really left to do


Near the end a character comes back it seems from the dead like a zombie and does a horrible act. Which just makes you wonder, where did that one from? Was he dead or brain dead and acting on instinct?

Spoiler end

The directors Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury definitely have a future in filmmaking. It's an exciting exceptional debut. I am curious to see what they would do with other genres. I am also curious to see what they would do as Thier sophomore effort to see if they can maintain their talent. Just like Alexandre Aja The director of HAUTE TENSION which this movie reminds me of without the nonsense ending. Unfortunately his sophomore effort was the remake of THE HILLS HAVE EYES these guys have been offered the remake of HELLRAISER thankfully they decided not to do it. I hope try keep creating original films for all of us to enjoy for a long time.

This is definitely a movie to seek out and buy of you can. I can't recommend it highly enough

 Grade: A –

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