Friday, August 31, 2012

LBS. (2009)

Directed By: Matthew Bonifaco Written By: Matthew Bonifaco & Carmine Famigliatti Cinematography By: William M. Miller Editor: Jim Rubino Cast: Carmine Famigliatti, Michael Arnov, Miriam Shor, Sharon Angela, Lou Martini Jr. A 315-pound man decides to kick his food addiction by moving to the country. A film I can identify with as some scenes in the film really hit close to home. The film is inspiring and feels real as things are uplifting but not everything is tied up in a neat bow. The lead Actor Actually lost weight during the films production. The film shows how he gets control of his own life by alienating himself and when he returns we all worry how he’s going to maintain with temptation all around him and dealing with emotional conflict of his disappearance. Especially since when he get’s emotional he tends to overeat to the point of sickness. How will he handle his appetite and his life whenhis family who love him are also his enablers. The film draws a good comparison with overeating and drug addiction. There is a scene of a blossoming romance that is sweet but unfortunately and thankfully implodes and has no real closure as if it had stayed the films mission would have been sidetracked . Making it seem like he lost the weight only or her as his inspiration instead of his initial inspiration. Then for added depth probably would have had her characterdie off or dump him to see if he could maintain without her or in her memory. I like how he struggles and succeeds at times but relapses. All these elements make the film and it’s characters feel more believable. The cast is mostly full of non professional actors who fill the roles well. Especially Michael Aronov who plays his best friend is really memorable especially in the detox and later scenes near the end. I applaud the lead and the filmmakers for making an honest feeling dramatic film. The message really hits hard at the end where as most films would have ended at his return. This film continues through the aftermath to show he still has issues and how he plans to deal and combat them. You get the idea that he will be ok, but will always struggle even when things look to be going his way. GRADE: B

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